Excel Export Fail when Number of rows in the Excel sheet exceeded the limit of 65536 rows.

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    Mauve (11/2/2009)

    crookj (10/30/2009)

    100% correct - in fact you can go up to 1,048,576 rolls in Excel 2007.


    That's a lot of dinner rolls! 😛

    Thanks for the typo catch. I did an edit on the original.


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    Hi, rayabharapusuman.

    In my opinion, you can have a try of RAQ Report. With it, you can export report to Excel with ease. The only thing you need to do is selecting desired function in the menu.



    RAQ Report: Web-based Excel-like Java reporting tool[/url]

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    We have this error also, so I tried running the report as I have Excel 2010 and the user has Excel 2003. Still got the same error. My theory is that SSRS 2005 is using routines that are derived from an old code case.

    It works on a SSRS 2008 instance.

    I would be interested from anyone else who knows if there is a update patch for SSRS 2005 as we are not ready to cutover to SSRS 2008.


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    Simply upgrading your Excel desktop application does not fix this problem if you are running SSRS 2005.

    Here is a link describign the problem and an official Microsoft response.

    It would appear an upgrade to SSRS 2008 is the only way forward. Please someone contradict me with an SSRS 2005 upgrade patch.

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    Following links might be helpful for someone which states limitation of SSRS2005 and a "Legitimate" way of pushing people to next version of SQL Server.




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    This worked for me except that the expression should use a backslash to return an integer value of the quotient instead of MOD which returns the remainder:
    =ROWNUMBER(Nothing) \ 60000

    TKD-BB - Thursday, January 8, 2009 2:59 PM

    In your table, try creating a group (outside of any current grouping you have) with no header or footer, and the page break after value set to true. For the grouping value, use an expression similar to =ROWNUMBER(Nothing) MOD 60000This should force a page break after 60000 rows of data, which will translate into a new excel tab when you export. I believe the 65K limit in Excel is on a per worksheet basis.

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    Too simple? export as CSV and tell them to open in Excel 2007 or higher.

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