• Hi James,


    I cheated. If you look at the link posted by Noel you will find on the first page the documents id. "ISO/IEC 9075:1992" so I use WebFerret to find "ISO/IEC 9075" and I checked out http://www.iso.org which ISO is a pain. But in WebFerret doing boolean ["ISO/IEC 9075" AND 1999] I got several dozen hits then I just went to a few until I found one PDF then from there I ripped off the PDF filename for the subsection and found it the way it was (got lucky there). So no I just built upon existing knowledge from this thread to find the rest.

    ahem, in my first excitement I've forgotten that I can't copy and paste from pdf files. Do you have a HTML Link?

    BTW: Our network admins don't allow me to use WebFerret, before they have tested. Could only be a matter on month, or so



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