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    dheeraj gupta (8/11/2011)

    Thanks for quick response.

    Then how to leave specifically for which statistics has been updated while rebuild the table indexes and update the stats for rest of the things?

    Need it for not to waste maintainance time in updating the stats for which it has already been updated when it rebuilt.


    Agreed. At my current client, updating all stats with fullscan takes less than 30 minutes... with a 10 hours window. I've also tuned the index maintenance phase to death. By now I rarely, if ever, get more than 4-5 index being rebuilt every day. So out of 30K indexes, I don't care to redo the stats work for 5 of them.

    You can read my full evolution around that over here : http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic1126147-146-1.aspx