• most of mine have been taken, but I have a semi-clean story.

    I was working with the Army on a FileNet project that had a SQL backend. All the FileNet tech's, people on message boards, the sub contractor and Staff Seargent I worked with , and the naming convention of the Database and the Tables all used the acronym "FN" to refer to FileNet. It had been an intense couple of days working on a Prod system crash with some loooong hours.

    So I walked into a meeting with our Lead Developer, Project Manager, and Network Chief and various other Army and Governmental folks And proceeded to say things like "The FN system is broke, The FN reps suggest this, based on the results of the FN system here are the FN results we are seeing. If we do this, this, and this we can get the FN system working."

    I look up from what I had drawn on the wipe board and most everyone has tears in their eyes choking back laughter and the Network Chief says very loudly "FN YEAH, lets get that FN system working!"

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