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RE: Independize DTS from the enviroment

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We use Global Variables along with a case statement to change the Server and Database information in production. The following code is put into a ActiveX script that is the first task to run: Select Case DTSGlobalVariables("Environment").Value Case "Development" DTSGlobalVariables("Server").Value = "Server1" DTSGlobalVariables("Database").Value = "Database2" Case "Production" DTSGlobalVariables("Server").Value = "Server2" DTSGlobalVariables("Database").Value = "Database2 Case Else […]


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RE: data modification

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Yes, though I don't know of many who would recommend it. For SQL 2000 (don't remember if this worked in 7.0): In EM, right click on a table in the database in question, select Open Table, return all rows. Pops up an editable grid. SJTerrill


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RE: TempDB

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TEMPDB can fill up and lock users/queries if you don't have it set to automatically grow enough. Notice I said 'enough'. The growth size has to be enough that it can grow faster than the space is filled up. For example, lets say you set it to auto grow by 100 MB. You get a […]


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RE: Server slow down after stopping replication

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Hi all, I have experienced a similar slowdown in EM performance. Removed replication from our server and the database is performing fine for our users, but not while trying to perform basic actions via EM, example opening a restore db window can take several minutes. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Robert



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