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Best Practice - Copy Database

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Wondering what the best practice or best approach would be to solving a problem.  We are currently migrating from IIS to Sun Java Web Server.  This is being done to address various security flaws in IIS.  So the plan is to move all the applications and database to a development / test environment and run […]


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RE: Deletign a log file: Urgent

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I use these 2 statements as two different steps in a job to back up the log and then truncate it.  Works well.Step 1BACKUP LOG [MyDB] TO  DISK= 'D:\Backup\MySqlServer\MyDB\MyDbLog.dat'  WITH  NOINIT , RETAINDAYS=2, NOUNLOAD ,  NAME = N'MyDB Translog Backup',  NOSKIP ,  STATS = 10,  NOFORMATStep 2USE master BACKUP LOG MyDB WITH NO_LOG GO USE MyDB […]


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RE: Structuring SQL to retrieve data from child recs

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weissa, Can you answer jxflagg Last question? I have no clue about what are your presentation requeriments and That makes it harder for me so I am guessing now: Suppose you have TableChild (ChildID int, ParentID int , Property varchar (100)) You Could Do: Declare @strAllChilds varchar(4000) Declare @MasterRecordID int SET @MasterRecordID = X SELECT […]



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