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RE: configuration for server

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print 'Free Space' print '----------' exec master.dbo.xp_fixeddrives print 'Memory' print '------' exec master.dbo.xp_msver print 'Database Configuration' print '----------------------' exec master.dbo.sp_configure print'DB Size' print'-------' exec master.dbo.sp_databases print 'Linked Servers' print '--------------' exec master.dbo.sp_helplinkedsrvloginprint 'Windows info' print '------------' exec master.dbo.sp_server_info


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RE: SQL to trigger an ASP file

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Triggers do not monitor data.  They only run on table for an insert, update, or delete transaction.Can you explain what the table holds?Is it a table that holds a single row of configuration data or is it the "timetoSend" column hold values for multiple rows?


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Connection Problem To Oracle Database

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Please advice. I run a SQL3K SP3 on a WIN2K SP4 in an active/active Failover cluster.Linked server was created to an Oracle databse using Oracle 9i client and MS OLEDB Provider. The error below was generated when running a query from QA. Error 7399 OLE DB Provider MSDAORA  reported an error OLE DB error trace OLE/DB […]


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There HAS to be an easy way to get started...

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I'm going to be writing an app in C# that stores scanned invoice images in a database along with some other information about the invoices in the record.  If there were no images involved, I'd already be halfway done, but I just don't know how to work with them yet.  I've been working with […]


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RE: How to Execute quary in store procedure

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But why do you want to create the temp table in two steps, is there any specific reason, you can as well create it with the CREATE table #mytable (column1 datatype ) syntax directly right? Sorry if I am missing anything here. Well if you are passing the table structure as input parameter to the […]


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RE: Sum Aggregate

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SELECT YearNumber, MonthNumber, SUM(Occurances) AS CountOfData FROM (select YEAR(DateField) AS YearNumber, MONTH(DateField) AS MonthNumber, Count(datacount) As Occurances FROM datatable GROUP BY SQLDate)Dates GROUP BY YearNumber, MonthNumber Order By YearNumber, MonthNumber This should give you what you are looking for.


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RE: Review of Lumigent Log Explorer v3

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Having used Log Explorer for over 3 years, I've found some additional uses other than restoring data:Exporting the transaction log records to a SQL table and running queries to determine who and when data was modifiedThe Load Analysis feature particularly the information on page splits is interesting. I've been unable to find any other method […]


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RE: Connections: How many is too many?

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We are running SQL Server 2000.I do not see "The working thread limit of 255 has been reached" in SQL Server error log.So, what you are saying is my performance problems are probably related to something else than the 350 connections and that changing the "max worker thread" would be a bad idea?Is 350 or […]


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RE: Encryption

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Are you sending encrypted data or looking to encrypt the data stream? SSL will encrypt the stream, but the data will be text in the server. If you encrypt on the client, then you don't need to owrry about the stream.



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