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RE: Table Changes Don't Take

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The public role was set up to have update permissions but I still did not work. This problem seems to have corrected itself because I can not make the changes that were impossible yesterday. It's probably something I changed with permissions but I am not sure what.


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RE: Multiple select statements in a procedure

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I would say that is a good way to accomplish your goal. You do have the ability to do something like this: select CountrySuperUser, (select MAX(VersionNumber) FROM tblVersion) as Version, col3, col4... from Sales... But I like the your way better. If you are returning multiple rows from the Sales table, it is more efficient […]


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RE: Remote SP Failure

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Its set up as a linked server. The remote login that it links to does have a default database of 'master'. The 'master' database also holds the SP that gets activated. I'm not sure that its anything to do with the login because the database does start restoring because you can see it in Enterprise […]


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RE: Insert n rows into table

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Yup, I'm sure there is a better way to get where I'm going... all and any advice appreciated ... I have a table (tblBitMask) with two fields. A primary key and a non-null integer value field (BinaryValue). The value field will always be 2 to the power of an integer (e.g. 1,2,4,8,16 etc.). This table […]


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