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RE: Temp Table results

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You can reference the temporary table the same as a permanent one within the procedure. Your "SELECT * FROM #CashIn" would produce a recordset. Test it by running the stored procedure from Query Analyzer. If you need to deal with the rows one at a time, you could use a CURSOR (see books online) but […]


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RE: Hyper-threading

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HI Steve, I haven't done any benchmarking myself but I remember an article telling that hyperthreading gives you about 1.2 times the performance of a single CPU. Unfortunately I can't find the site at the moment, but if I find it I will post the link. M


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RE: How much do you earn?

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Hi racosta, quote: jaja, don't worry guys, here in Argentina I earn 8k only. And it is considered a very good salary. Things are not goin right here, but we do what we can. I know. I've signed some Argentina bonds for my fixed income portfolio. and pray that there will be no default! Cheers, […]


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When he logs in to Citrix, he is effectively running a program on that system. Whatever account (including domain) he's using to log on to the Citrix server is the account that's going to be making the SQL Server connection. Does the account he's using through Citrix have permissions in the database? K. Brian Kelley […]


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RE: Job Permissions

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Though sp_start_job defaults to the public role, a user needs to be able to see the job in order to start it. A user can normally see a job if one of the two are true: (1) User is a member of the sysadmin role. (2) User owns the job. However, in order to support […]



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