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I would like to set up a single server to act as the following:-A Domain Controller for a Windows Active Directory Network-A SQL Server 2000 Database Server-An Analysis Services OLAP server-An IIS 6.0 Web Server-A Terminal Services Server that would allow users to access a couple of fat client VB applications, and crystal reports 8.5 […]


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RE: best way to copy database from one server to another?

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I am fairly new to SQL and have a great automatic way to do this:I have 2 Servers, Windows 2003 Standard, both with SQL Server 2000 and sp3a.I have a folder on the main server d:\mssql\data\backup\ - I made a folder here called "disasterbackupcopy".I have a folder on the backup server d:\mssql\data\backup\ - I made […]


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RE: Replace Function does not work on Text Datatype?

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If ALL your text data is less than 8000 bytes per record, then you could select replace(Convert(VarChar(8000), comments), '&quot;', '"') from tblcaseinfo where PatIndex('%&quot;%', comments) <> 0 Notice PATINDEX for your search condition.If it's longer, then you have to use UPDATETEXT. see BOL.


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RE: Simple "IF" Logic in Package

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Thanks Salim. Our needs are much simpler than what the DBPropagator seems to offer. Also, if I can't do this cheap I can't do it at all. Basically, Transactional data is processed on the mainframe and a file(table?) is built/updated. The data then needs to be exported to sQL, which will then continue with the […]


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