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RE: How to import a .sql file with DTS

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Replace filename with the name of the .sql file, eg if the file you want to execute is called test.sql in the temp directory of your c: drive then would use isql /S servername /U username /P password -d databasename -b /m-1 /i c:\temp\test.sql Remember to change the other parameters as well.


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RE: DTS global variable value not being set properly

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try this...DTS gets funny with return codes and setting output variables. DECLARE @RC int DECLARE @partition varchar(10) DECLARE @nextid int DECLARE @id int set nocount on -- Set parameter values EXEC @RC = [TrafficAnalysis_Prod].[dbo].[usp_get_next_tblcdr_id] @partition = 'aged', @nextid =@id OUTPUT set nocount off SELECT @id AS next_cdr_id


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RE: help selecting sums from two similar tables

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jpipes, Thanks for your help, I'm getting an error on the statement: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'GROUP'. It appears that it is choking on the group last group by portion on the page. I've tried fixing it, but I have yet to figur out why it's doing that. Do you know? Thanks for the […]


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RE: Extracting from an ODBC source

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Assuming you are using sql 2k I would say use a global variable to assign the date of the information you want to pull and only move those as apposed to trying to link the tables across servers... sorry I do not know Pervasive so you may not be able to do this.


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RE: Evaluating a string arithmatic expression

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The easiest thing to do would be to create a three column table valued function that splits the time and converts to seconds. Then you could always add all three colums up. I didn't have time to write it, but I will if you still need help.



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