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data display in table

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hello, i am having a table in which the value of one field is too long, and it isnot being displayed i tried nvarchar, ntext eveything but its not working any new ideas?? thanks in advance


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deny alter table priv - how?

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Hi all Im trying to deny the "alter table" command for a schema user. Basically I dont use DBO, the applications in the database get their own userid and create object using it. Ive created the following role to deny schema access but can add to it the "alter table" command to stop developers from […]


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Hello, I've created the alert for Memory-Pages/sec Alert Over 2 in Performance Monitor, I'm getting net send message as Pages\sec is being over 2. I'm confused and what should I do to overcome it. My production server has 523 MB Ram and I've specified SQL Server to use memory dynamically setting max as 440 MB. […]


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Using InterDev's Toolbox

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If you've ever played around with the toolbox, you may have discovered one of InterDevs hidden gems. Did you know that the InterDev Toolbox allows you to add you own custom tabs? This feature allows you to access frequently used snippets of code in an instant


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Today’s coping tip is to ask other people about things they’ve enjoyed recently I...

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