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Use SqlBulkCopy to Quickly Load Data from your Client to SQL Server

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The .NET Framework 2.0 introduces a very handy new class in the System.Data.SqlClient namespace called SqlBulkCopy that makes it very easy and efficient to copy large amounts of data from your .NET applications to a SQL Server database. You can even use this class to write a short .NET application that can serve as a "middleman" to move data between database servers.


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Part 1: Developing an object oriented database in less than 140 lines

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One of the best benefits of the .NET Framework over lower level programming is that it enables developers to create very complex, custom solutions, without writing low-level code. Zach Smith explores how you could take advantage of the built-in .NET Framework functionality to develop a simple object oriented database in less than 140 lines of code.


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Gathering Metrics with SMO

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Keeping track of the performance of your SQL Servers requires metrics. There are many methods for doing this, but some type of automated process is essential these days with DBAs managing many servers. New author Allen White brings us a technique for doing this using SMO, the replacement for DMO in SQL Server 2005.


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Tuning .NET - Part One

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As server-side .NET development becomes more prevalent, Application Performance Management tools are becoming available to fine-tune .NET applications. And, as in the past, it seems that the ability to build new and more sophisticated applications always stays ahead of the ability to manage them.


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