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RE: I post wrong place, no one answer??

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Thank you for the reply, in QA I am not use default setting(grid), so my QA return fast from EM, my developers not using EM also, but they had slow process try show me how slow is, and when I remote logon box, and it is fast from EM then from my client machine(which far […]


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RE: Closing bal prev month / opening bal next month

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Thanks Keith, I've tried this syntax in AS on the calculated cell: with member measures.Amt as ' sum( { PeriodsToDate(Time.Year, Time.Month.currentmember) } , measures.currentmember ) ' select { [measures].measureslevel.allmembers } on columns, { [Time].[Month].members } on rows from Test but get a syntax error: 'expecting SELECT, near: 'sum({PeriodsToDate(Time.Year, Time.Month.currentmember)}.......... The member is called 'OPENING BALANCE' […]


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Select ColName From TableName Where [IdentityColName] = @@Identity ColName is the name of the column with the GUID and IdentityColName is your IdentityCOlumn. Cheers, Crispin Something as incredibly simple as binary still gives you too many options


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RE: Geometrical data

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Hi Dale, quote: Check this out. I found this on Citeseer. Used that site a lot for my Masters: thanks again! Seems to be a good site. Now I only need a good pocket dictionary Cheers, Frank


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RE: Locate and replace

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well , it's not working at all, i'm trying this: and it takes too long, don't know any idea??? declare @areadesc char(50) DECLARE csrSites CURSOR FOR SELECT area_code FROM billable_temp select @count=(select count(*) from billable_temp) Open csrSites FETCH NEXT FROM csrSites INTO @areacode WHILE @count > 0 select @areadesc=(select distinct areadesc from rates1 where areacode=@areacode) […]


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RE: Login fails

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Okay, if you've got other SQL Server logins connecting successfully, have you verified the sa password? For instance, can you terminal into the server and login? You'll avoid IPSec or anything else that might be a barrier because you'll be using shared memory. If you don't have other SQL Server logins connecting successfully, verify mixed, […]


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