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RE: Key Items

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Here is an example. I want to have two fields as primary keys. Do I just add Primary key as stated ? SELECT distinct TOP 100 PERCENT [Client ID] Primary Key, [Account Number] Primary Key, [Proj Black 1% Depr Month], [Proj Black Str Adj], [Proj Black Sea Adj], [Black Book Straight Proj Loss], [Black Book […]


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RE: How to lock?

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I've found that a locked bit isnt enough, I want to know who locked. Lots of times an app/connection will drop, leaving the lock bit set. We go with the userid of the user locking the record, either NT login or some internal login. To update you have to be that user, which means if […]


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RE: Using "Like" or Wildcard

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By using the OR clause, you will get both. The OR clause returns all records that match either criteria (ie.. The course is active or the course name starts with '10'). The AND clause will only return those records that meet both criteria (ie.. the course is active and the course name starts with '10').


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RE: Output to file

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Dear friend Let me know one thing, are you trying for client side cursors or disconnected record sets. In that case I better suggest the use of DB library and ODBC API.But an ADO like implementation is not child’s play I think With regards John



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