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Alternative to MRTG?

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I am looking for an alternative to using MRTG graphs that feed off csvs from performance monitor.  I have it running ok, but have some problems with getting 0 figures in the data stream from time to time and on initial setup. I don't know much about SNMP and really cannot install anything on the […]


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RE: Table Synchronization

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Steve,i don't have any timestamp...But if i use triggers, the thing is that these two table are in two different serverers physically located in different palce over an intranetI am trying with replication....  


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RE: how to find sa password from registry in sql 2000/7.0/6.5 if i forget the sa password?

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For 6.5 run regedit - Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/microsoft/MSSQLserver/SQLEW/Registered servers and then double click on the required one.THe SA will be on the right of the screen vertically.Don't tell anyone this came from me - And I never use it because I never, ever forget my SA password as they are stuck on my screen with […]


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RE: How to backup database onto network shared drives

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You must first create a backup device that points to your network share, and then backup your database to the backup device you created. Gregory A. Larsen, DBA Contributor to 'The Best of 2002' book. Get a copy here: Need SQL Server Examples check out my website at



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