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T-SQL Tuesday #90 Shipping Database Changes – Wrap Up

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who read or published a post for T-SQL Tuesday #90. I had a great time reading through all the posts and I learnt a lot!

I feel that the real takeaway here is that Continuous Integration and DevOps are not just about putting the right tools in place, it’s all about putting the right working practices in place.

Here is the full list of posts with a brief description from me:

“Stored procedures don’t need source control…” by Rob Farley.

Rob discusses the way some people abuse stored procedures in order to avoid putting their logic through source control.

Bringing Continuous Delivery to a ‘brownfield’ database system by Hamish.

Hamish describes the steps he took to automate a project away from manual deployments.

The need for database feature detection during deployment by Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan.

When developing a product, that supports multiple versions of SQL Server, we need to check for the availability of certain features before using them.

Shipping Database Changes by Vlady Oselsky.

This quote says it all: “After trying many things that did not seem to work, I realized that it is a combination of software and procedures that enable streamlined process for shipping database changes.”

47 Things You Incorrectly Assume About Shipping Database Changes by Brent Ozar.

Brent lists some interesting experiences he’s had while deploying databases. I hope to never experience number 33.

A Tool Is Nothing without a Craftsman by Derik Hammer.

Derick tells us that you can’t achieve Continuous Integration with just tools.

The Death of the DBA in a DevOps World Has Been Greatly Exaggerated by Robert L Davis.

According to some, the DBA roll has been dying for years, but Robert explains that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Elephant’s Name is Database by John Morehouse.

Continuous Delivery of databases can be a scary prospect for DBAs. John allays our fears with his experience of CD.

Shipping Database Changes by Tracy Boggiano.

Tracy talks about making release scripts idempotent.

Continuous Integration by Kenneth Fisher.

Continuous Integration is not new, Kenneth was doing it years ago ??

Shipping Database Changes by Aaron Bertrand.

Deploying database changes to 1500 databases across three instances is not an easy task.

Database Deployments by Garland Macneill.

Garland is getting to grips with source control. A great place to start.

Deploying the Old Fashioned Way by Riley Major.

Riley discuses some different methods to deploy database changes including: Keeping releases small, Feature flags, and compare tools.

Measure twice, cut once by Martin Catherall.

Martin doesn’t like dropping objects from production.

Shipping Database Changes with SSDT by Simon Sabin.

The good, the bad and the ugly sides of using SSDT to deploy database changes.

Why is Sqlpackage Using All The Build Server Memory? by Richie Lee.

CI and CD tools need care and attention as poor performance of them can reduce productivity.

Shipping Database Changes by Chris Sommer.

Database snap shots can be used to rollback a failed release.

You are doing “Continuous Integration” wrong! by Alex Yates.

Alex doesn’t focus on just the tools, CI or CD won’t work unless your adopt the working practices.

Shipping Database Changes–T-SQL Tuesday #90 by Steve Jones.

Steve shows that CD doesn’t have to be done in one step. Moving from a manually scripted deployment can be a gradual process.

Thanks again everyone!

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