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T-SQL Tuesday #89 – New horizons and new opportunities!



TSQL Tuesday

TSQL Tuesday

I thought that I’d write a few words about this months T-SQL Tuesday -the blog party started by Adam Machanic (blog | twitter) and this month hosted by hosted by Koen Verbeeck (,- as it’s a subject I’ve discussed many times – and not just relating to the tech sector.

There’s been many industries that have been wiped out – or at least diminished greatly by new advances and inventions – throughout the ages!

In fact, I’ve seen this first hand – before I was even involved in technology. When I left school I moved into the ship-building industry in the UK –         economics and cost cutting took care of that – mostly.

I then became a motor cycle courier in London while I was at university – which turned out to be a great job for a student. But nobody needs documents  delivered nowadays, it’s all email.  I’ve moved on to bigger and better things but I know a lot of people who still lament that change.


So, will the cloud and automation take my job – well maybe it will, but I think it will bring along more opportunities than people think.

A poorly preforming queries could easily become instantly noticeably to departments outside of the DBA arena. I’m thinking of accounting departments who notice that they have been pushed into a more expensive price tier because a lot more resources are being used. This sort of thing can go un-noticed for a while when on -premises until an eagle-eyed DBA notices or it becomes a problem for the end user. But now the accounting department will notice straight away – sending the DBA in to preform their magic.

On the other end, some changes will mean less work for the DBA.  Maybe this means that they can concentrate on other tasks or step out of the tech arena completely and concentrate on a completely different career (like opening a coffee shop or becoming a rock star). The thought of that may seen daunting, but it could be very rewarding.

Like the old saying goes ‘change is the only constant’ – it’s been happening throughout history and we’re all still here. So, I encourage you to ‘try on some new clothes’ , ‘become a chameleon’ and grasp the opportunities that the future holds.

have a great day.