SQL Saturday 392 – Atlanta, GA


SQLSAT392_webHave you been to Atlanta, Georgia ? Nope? Well it’s time you plan that trip and come see me speak May 16th, there at SQL Saturday #392.  This will be my first time presenting at their SQL Saturday and I’m really looking forward this great event. According to what I am seeing on Twitter, they have already hit 600+ attendees and we are still a couple weeks out.  This particular event is probably one of the largest events in the country (world?) and shouldn’t be missed.

If you like free training, hanging out with other geeks and if you have nothing better to do on Saturday, May 16th, 2015, come on out and get your learn on.  The schedule for this event is very impressive and there will be a TON of things to learn.  Come, join us and learn something.

Only You Can Prevent Database Fires!

firefightingDo you find yourself constantly putting out “fires”? Can’t take anymore heat in the data center? We as DBAs can easily become burnt out with dealing with these daily blazes. Wouldn’t it be grand to learn how to prevent these fires from scorching us to begin with? In this session, we will jump into things you can start implementing as “fire prevention” to stop the “fire fighting”.  We will talk about several things that you can take back to your shop and put into action easily ranging from code tuning, backup maintenance, monitoring and performance tuning!

I’m one of the last sessions of the day so I promise to try to be on-time so that we can get you out the door and to any after parties that may or may not be occurring.  I do reserve the right to go over when delivering awesome content.

Free Training

Can you really pass up on free training?  So if you’re still on the fence on attending, get off the fence, register, come on out and learn something.  Meet some new people.  Say hello to the speakers (we don’t bite).  Grab some swag and a fantastic lunch.   Register now!!

Get your learn on!  Expand your horizons and break out of the ordinary.  You know you want to.

Why are you still here?  Go.  Register.  Do it now! See you in Atlanta!!