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SQL PASS 2011: Live Blog Keynote Day 2–Quentin Clark


7:50AM – arrived at bloggers table and positioned between Rooob Farley and Kevin Kline. Just meet SQLBalls, in front is Ryan Adams and Mike Walsh.

Hopefully, this will be a demo Keynote and not just talk, talk, talk…

8:10AM – Room is filling up, cannot believe so many people here at #SQLPASS, they are saying a 22% increase from last year. All the rooms are pack, some have people on the floor. Andy Warren and Stacia just sat down and are typing and talking. John Sterret just came and said hi.

8:25AM – Laptop crashes OOOHHH!!!!

8:30-8:40am – Bill talks about the wonderful volunteers around the country for SQL Server. Lori Edwards receives PASSion award. Tim and Jeff mentioned about their work

8:45AM – Quentin Clark invited Bob Erickson from Interlink Transport – talks about operations and uses of SQL Server (Mission critical is Their Business)

8:50AM – demonstrating Always ON for Interlink – Wizard setup and ASync versus Sync. Listening is a DNS name and connect to name and does the redirecting

8:55AM – on to Blazing fast speeds – VertiPak built into Analysis Services, takes advantage of the technology and in the RDBMS. Some customers are reporting 10, 20 & 30 times processing speed.

9:00AM – Power View + PowerPivot – SSAS on the back-end but control by IT (SharePoint). Alerts on reporting, configurable. A BI Semantic Model – ‘who do you know…’ Semantic understanding. As the model is used, the engine learns from queries. Now, to get it in a data model. Master Data Services – managing the location of where everything is located.

9:05AM – @SQLGal is on stage. Using Contoso database. Columnstore index demonstration on query in report going from 45 seconds to .13 seconds after ColumnStore index and linking data to Cloud location for objects in map not appearing where there are actually located. Also,

9:10Am – Parallel Data Warehouse – Appliances. Deep Dive to workloads, and understand characteristics and find the architecture to solve problems. Appliance developer kit to fit customer. Demos DELL parallel warehouse, more than one appliance.The stage has the DELL racks for PDW. And th HP rack that has been out over a year. Also, have your own Private Cloud.

9:20AM – ODBC drivers to Linux – more and better drivers.

9:25AM – integrating CDC with Oracle, SQL Server 2012 has it – Now Beyond relational. file Stream 2D Spatial, Semantic search

Beyond full-text search – better to be seen – Demo time

The demos need some Zooming

Semantic search extracts the keywords from the documents. More than Full-text search.

9:30pm – ‘Juneau’ – now SQL Server data Tools -

Now embed SQL Server Express DB in an Application

Scaling to the Cloud – spin up many many instances in the cloud to distribute queries – DEMO time

Nicholas Dritsas SQLCAT team – SQL Azure demo

9:35AM – Who is @CajunSQL – did not know of any other CoonAxxes here at PASS

9:40AM  - Real customer demo with SQLAzure – moved to cloud form

9:45am – Using Federation in the Cloud – sizing and scaling in the cloud

Example is a blog site that does not know what blog goes viral – Blogs r’ Us

No developer rework of code

Neat interface/management tools – Schema walker

Overview of tasks going on – Powerful reporting

Ability to create large database – up to 150 GBs in size

9:50am – Azure and SQL in same code base.


God Bless,

Thomas Smile


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