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Speaker at SQL Saturday’s Guatemala city 2018


I’m very thrilled to announce that I will be participating as speaker in this year’s SQL Saturday event in Guatemala city!

Here are the details of the two sessions I will be presenting on February 03:

Advance SQL Server troubleshooting with DMVs

DMVs are the best source to conduct an advance troubleshooting of a SQL Server instance.

In this session we will show how to use and the most important to understand the information provided by the Dynamic Management Views (DMVs).

SQL Server Health check

This session is about the importance of conducting regular health checks on your SQL Server instances to ensure that they are currently healthy, and continue to remain healthy.

Join me in this deep dive discussion of SQL Server best practices and guidelines about your SQL Server health.

What is a SQL Server health check?

Why we should perform a SQL Server health check regularly?

What tools we can use to perform a SQL Server health check?

As any SQL Saturday event organized by SQLPass you can register for free, it takes less than 5 minutes to get in and sign up.:

Looking forward to see you there!!!


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