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SQLpassion Online Training in April


(Be sure to checkout the FREE SQLpassion Performance Tuning Training Plan - you get...

ADF – Deployment from master branch code (JSON files)


In the previous episode, I showed how to deploy Azure Data Factory in a...

Being awarded the PASS PASSion Award – you can too


The annual PASSion Award is the highest accolade given to a PASS volunteer. Presented...

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update by quantity

By askcoffman

I'm writing an update statement that uses a quantity column to determine how many...

Shrinking _log file for live database

By DaveBriCam

I have a live database in SQL2016 (in Production, in use) that I need...

SSIS Deployment Issue

By Michael_R_Harvey

Hello: Problem:  Cannot deploy SSIS packages to AZURE VM/SQL Server Instance (or execute them...

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