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Quick tip, ever needed to manipulate SQL on many lines in SSMS? now you can….


Have you ever had the need to select values that are directly on the next line down but drag-and-drop selects the entire line?

For example, if I need to copy all the highlighted values from the below SQL to form the basic of another statement:-


Dragging and dropping would select all the SQL on every line which is wrong, see below:-


To achieve this, put your cursor on the 1st instance of the column you need copying, in this example it is the value “13”.

Hold down ALT + SHIFT and press the DOWN arrow until you reach the last instance.

You can now press the RIGHT arrow until your text is highlighted:-


You can now manipulate the selected text as you need, in my example i want to copy the IDs to use them in another statement:-


You can now use this method to write many lines of SQL with just one single line input. Just remember to hold ATL+SHIFT+DOWN ;)

Hope you found this useful?



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