Pearls in the Ocean – Part 1


In our day to day life with SQL Server, We refer web for many reasons.

This includes understanding new SQL Server features or Recollecting syntax of rarely used commands or to check solutions for unfamiliar errors.

While searching what we need on Web, We may have to come across lots of irrelevant and incomplete pages before finding the right one for us.

But In some instances, quite few pages gain our attention. Those pages not only answer our questions but take our knowledge to the next level.  I see them as pearls in the Ocean.

In this post, I would like to share some of the pearls with our SQL Server Community.

Below links might be familiar for experts. But I feel proud to continue sharing this list with SQL Server Community at regular interval.

1.       13 Things You Should Know About Statistics and the Query Optimizer

2.       Debunking myth about T-Logs in full backups

3.       Lock Escalation by Sunil Agarwal

4.       Important checklist collection by Brad Mcgehee


5.       Great SQL Server Debates: Lock Pages in Memory


6.       SQL Server 2008 - Summary of Training Sessions By Jose Barreto


Have a nice day !!!