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PASS Summit 2012 News – Check- in Experience!


Registration and Check in for PASS Summit 2012 was opened yesterday (Nov 4th), and I decided to utilize this opportunity and check-in little earlier than the first day of the conference (Nov 7th).

A great benefit of completing this well before the conference day is I can avoid checking in during the busy conference day morning. I can spend more time meeting and talking to my friends whom I’m eager to meet.

Yes, I mean it! Really excited to meet you all and make friends for a life time!

I reached Washington State Convention Center with my wife Deepthi by around 5.15 PM, and we were happy to see PASS Summit 2012 posters/banners guiding us to the exact location where the registration/check-in was happening. No confusion what so ever!

There was already a decent queue when I reached the check-in area, and I could see happy faces all around me. Everyone looked really charged and excited about PASS Summit.

I’m new to PASS Summit and was super excited to check-in for the greatest SQLServer event in the world.

I had to stand in queue for like 5 minutes and finally when my turn came, the lady who was responsible for check-in happily inquired my details and handed over me the PASS Summit 2012 kit.

Thats it ! All set to attend PASS 2012 Summit and have a great time learning new things and meeting friends. Connecting with people is the most important part of this conference and I’m really looking forward for this.

There are 2 very important events occurring tomorrow, one is First-Timers Orientation Meeting between 5.15 PM – 6.30 PM PST and PASS Summit 2012 Welcome Reception between 6.30 PM – 8.00 PM PST.I will be attending both the events and will write a detailed blog post with lot of photos.

Check out my flicker stream for all the PASS Summit 2012 photos,I will keep updating this stream during the next few days.

Thanks for reading.


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