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Monday Morning SQL Break – September 19, 2016


It’s Monday and time for this week’s blog and twitter round-up. It’s been a few weeks since the last recap, apparently vacation a month and a half ago slowed my roll on blogging.  If you haven’t already, follow me on twitter (@StrateSQL). This is a good chance to catch up on data platform technology and career related information I’ve shared in the last week and activity on this blog.

Most Popular Article Shared

Last weeks most popular link is a post from Brent Ozar (Blog | @BrentO) from his Query Tuning Week posts.  In his post, Brent talks about the differences between locking, blocking, and deadlocking (just like the title says).  It’s a great post and one you should check out if you haven’t already.

Last Week’s Popular Posts

The most popular posts on this blog in the week are:

  1. 31 Days of SSIS – The Introduction (601)
  2. 31 Days of SSIS – Raw Files Are Awesome (1/31) (298)
  3. 31 Days of SSIS as a Book (258)
  4. Get Just The Tools: SSMS Download (154)
  5. 31 Days of SSIS – Using Breakpoints (2/31) (122)
  6. Security Questions: What permissions are required to create temporary tables? (104)
  7. Security Questions: Removing Logins From Databases (89)
  8. Looking to SQL Server 2014 High Availability In Standard Edition (77)
  9. Security Questions: Difference Between db_datawriter and db_ddladmin? (74)
  10. Determining Filegroup for a Table (73)

Last Week’s Top 20 “Reading” Links

Along with the most popular link, here are the top twenty items relating to SQL Server, technology and careers that were shared last week. If you missed them throughout the week, here’s the opportunity to get caught up on some items that other’s read after I linked them out.

  1. Query Tuning Week: What’s the Difference Between Locking and Blocking and Deadlocking? [24 clicks]
  2. Query Tuning Week: How to Start Troubleshooting a Slow Stored Procedure [21 clicks]
  3. Query Tuning Week: How to Start Troubleshooting Parameter Sniffing Issues [18 clicks]
  4. How It Works: Sync IOs in nonpreemptive mode longer than 1000 ms [16 clicks]
  5. How to Run DBCC CHECKDB on a Log Shipping Subscriber [16 clicks]
  6. Expanding the uses of DBCC CLONEDATABASE [15 clicks]
  7. What is the Lambda Architecture? [15 clicks]
  8. SQL Saturdays and Why We Have Them [13 clicks]
  9. Please, Please Stop Complaining about SQL Server Licensing Costs and Complexity [13 clicks]
  10. Azure SQL Database vs SQL Data Warehouse [12 clicks]
  11. Store Is Very Sorry for Exploiting 9/11 With Its ‘Twin Tower Sale’ Commercial [12 clicks]
  12. Azure SQL Database new performance level [12 clicks]
  13. Learn SQL 2016 Polybase with HDP – Part 1 – Build the Environment [11 clicks]
  14. COLD, WARM, HOT … CLEAN, DIRTY, FREE … What Does All This Mean? – SQL Server According to Bob [9 clicks]
  15. SQL Sentry Plan Explorer [Free DBA Tool of The Week] [9 clicks]
  16. Introduction to Microsoft Azure log integration (Preview) [8 clicks]
  17. Here’s what Mad Max: Fury Road looks like without any CGI [8 clicks]
  18. New book–Azure Security Infrastructure – Microsoft Azure Security and Compliance [8 clicks]
  19. Microsoft is #1 on GitHub open source [8 clicks]
  20. [SQL Server] Efficiency of Permission Granting. [6 clicks]

Last Week’s Posts From Previous Years

Sometimes the most useful content on a blog wasn’t written in the past week, it’s often other articles shared in the past that resonate with readers. Check out the following links that I published in past years over the past week:

  1. Scripting Out Reports (2007-09-13)
  2. Q&A From “5 Ways to Improve Performance through Indexing” (2013-09-13)
  3. Is This Cluster Good Enough? (2007-09-14)
  4. Index Black Ops Part 1 – Locks and Blocking (2010-09-14)
  5. An Index on Indexing #TSQL2sDay (2010-09-14)
  6. After Seven Years, Time for Something New (2012-09-14)
  7. Index Black Ops Part 2 – Page IO Latch, Page Latch (2010-09-16)
  8. Deadlock Resources (2007-09-17)
  9. SQL Server 2008 Resources (2007-09-18)
  10. Remove All Non-Numeric Characters From A String (2008-09-18)

Other Items Shared

Of course, no week would be complete without a few off-topic links. These have nothing to do with technology or your career, but they are interesting and worth a second look.

  1. This tiny nation has generated 100% of its power without any oil or gas for the past 2 months [31 clicks]
  2. Musk: SpaceX fireball probe uncovering ‘complex failure’ [14 clicks]
  3. FAA bans passengers from turning on Samsung Galaxy Note 7s in flight [6 clicks]
  4. EM Drive, the Impossible Rocket Engine, May Be Closer to Reality [6 clicks]
  5. 5 Questions to Ask During Tough Conversations [6 clicks]
  6. The Future (Probably) Isn’t as Scary as You Think [6 clicks]
  7. The Most Overlooked Habits of Great Leaders [4 clicks]

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