Daily Denali Delight – Day 6


Code-named Denali – the next version of SQL Server is fast approaching.

And whenever CTP2 gets released you can be sure to expect some excellent new features.

Here I continue to delve into these delights, highlighting those to look out for.

Juneau (New Development Environment)

Juneau is the code name for the new SQL Server Development Tools. Its purpose is to provide a single development environment for all DB-related project types including bringing BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) and SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) into the same IDE. It uses the new WPF-based shell.

Database development tools already available in VS2010 will be converted to “Juneau” when SQL Server “Denali” will be RTMed. All functionalities currently available will remain so or in fact will be enhanced.

Some of its features include the ability to analyse a set of changes and generate a script that will then update the DB based on those changes in the dev environment. I like the way Microsoft are forever trying to make the DBAs role a little less arduous !

Anyone played with this yet ? Don’t think it was avail in CTP1 ?