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Backup Techniques for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines


In the previous blog post I did a quick overview building a SQL VM...

SQLCover 0.5 - Fixes, smaller features and an exciting surprise


It has been a little while but I have updated SQLCover to include a...

Switch activity in Azure Data Factory: Container with many IFs


(2019-October-16) Developing conditional logic of your Azure Data Factory control flow has been simplified with...

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SQL Server security after deleting AD group

By jontris

I currently have a scenario where an AD group that was defined as a...

join with GEOMETRY data type

By snomadj

I want to perform something like....   SELECT * FROM a JOIN b ON...

Need help query for current row and previous row

By Adelia

Hye, I've table and data as following, CREATE TABLE [dbo].[WeightStory]( [Idx] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT...

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