Kevin Hill is a career SQL Server DBA living in Dallas, TX. His specialities include HA/DR, Best Practice configuration, Performance tuning and teaching new and accidental DBAs
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Data BIts – Episode 3 – Ginger Grant

Trainer and Consultant extraordinaire Ginger Grant stops by to talk Machine Learning, Data Bricks, Certifications, Norwegian pastries and proper chocolate frosting Find Ginger at Desert Isle SQL or on Twitter
The post Data BIts...

2020-04-01 (first published: )

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SQL Server HADR overview

My Pluralsight course for new SQL Server DBAs Image credit to Jeff (t) Back in June of 2019, I published this YouTube video covering the highlights of the various...


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SQL Server Identity Skipping

My Pluralsight course for new SQL Server DBAs SQL Server may skip 1000 numbers on an Identity column if the server crashes. Here’s why: Too long, didn’t watch version:...


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MVP No more, But It’s OK


Embracing Limitations: Finding Strength and Purpose in Hard Times For four years, I was...

A New Word: Fitching


fitching – v. intr. compulsively turning away from works of art you find frustratingly,...

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric


Microsoft Copilot is an app that uses AI to help you find information, create content,...

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what are the software' required for sqlserver dba in laptop to install in new co

By naga.rohitkumar

HI Team, what are the software's required for sqlserver dba in laptop to install...

The Danger of Safety Assistance Tools

By Louis Davidson (@drsql)

Comments posted to this topic are about the item The Danger of Safety Assistance...

needing to insert 2 sets of numbers to a table to use as ranges for a query

By roy.tollison

the ranges (a lot) need to have a preset spacing between each set of...

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What's wrong with this code and causes an error?

    CustomerID INT NULL,
    FirstName NVARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
    LastName NVARCHAR(50) NULL,
    Email NVARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
CONSTRAINT CustomerPK PRIMARY KEY (CustomerID, LastName)

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