Book Review: High Performance SQL Server (Second Edition)


One of the technical books that sit on my work desk (or dining table,...

The PowerShell Basics If Statement–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for...

T-SQL Tuesday Retrospective #013: What the business wants


Click here to read previous retrospective entries. From Steve Jones (blog | Twitter) in December 2010...

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SQLCMD.exe get installed with SSMS?

By doughora

Is the  SQLCMD.exe  supposed to be installed when SSMS is installed on a workstation?...

Complex .Json Data Parsing with multiples Array elements into SQL (MS-SQL 2016)

By manihindus

DECLARE @JSON NVARCHAR(MAX) =N'{ "code": 200, "msg": "success", "data": [{ "ITEM": "SP", "FACTORY_NO": [{...

How to Display FeatureName of Comptitor First then Npx Feature Name second Based

By ahmed_elbarbary.2010

How to Display Feature Name of Comptitor First then NXP Feature Name second Based...

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