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SQL Bits XIV, London, March 4 – 7, 2015


SQL Bits is Europe's largest SQL Server conference. Our mission is simple: spread the knowledge and grow the community. This event is run by a small committee of Microsoft MVPs, but we can't complete their mission alone.

We need Superheroes.

Our volunteer superheroes have grown from a handful, assisting the 300 people who attended the first ever SQL Bits in Reading in 2007, to a small army that's ready for the 2000 who will converge on London the first week in March 2015

As a celebration of the work of everyone in the SQL Community who made this growth possible, the theme at this year's Friday night gala will be Superheroes. Imaginations are running wild with the thought of hundreds of SQL Server professionals dressed as the comic book legends with whom they've grown up.

Over the years, the SQL Bits agenda has allowed for incredible growth in knowledge, as well as plenty of networking. Sponsors add to the opportunities for attendees to learn about the Microsoft Data Platform, but it's the interactions between everyone that makes the conference special. We were especially thrilled by one piece of feedback we received last year:

"This was my first SQL Bits conference and not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, but I learnt more in a couple of hours than I have on any training course I've ever attended. See you again next year".

This year, we look forward to everyone joining us at SQL Bits XIV, from Microsoft's Rohan Kumar and his army of SQL Server and Azure experts, to the speakers who come to help you become the hero of your own career. We know our 200 sessions will be packed with value and Friday night will bring no shortage of fun with Superheroes and Supervillains competing to win valuable prizes.

We have experts teaching beginners, and beginners questioning experts, providing feedback and improving our event every year. It's a virtuous circle and it's why we love working with the community. We hope to see you there; register with the code SSC-HERO to get a 15% discount on the ticket price!

The SQL Bits Team.