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How things work, brew beer, make wine, build electronic things or hack those I already have, physics, cosmology, astronomy, control things around the house with my computer, etc..

I was born and grew up in Brazil where I learned to program Basic in the 6th grade using and Apple IIe and Cobol with a IBM 8088. My parents made a point in enrolling me in these kind of after school courses and art classes to keep me from tearing down the neighborhood along with the rest of my childhood friends. I migrated to the US as a teenager because I wanted to be an astronaut, skipping the eighth grade and heading directly to high school where took four years of electronics shop. While there, I built my first computer from scratch with lots of buttons and switches in my junior year and an IBM PC clone kit the school had purchased. In my senior year we took the ASVAB test and I got really excited when they asked me if I had an interest in joining the military after getting high scores in the test. It seemed I was going to get the chance to be an astronaut after all. However the air force would not sign me up. My parents had work visas, but it would be a couple more years before I received my own. By the time I got my papers I was already having fun working with the internet boom and forgot about the astronaut thing, although I did eventually learned to fly. I did not go to college, my parents couldn't afford to help me pay for it and I for some reason I was too scared to take out loans to pay for it by myself. I chose to take a 9 month certification course instead, but only because no one would to hire me as computer tech with just a high school diploma. To date, that was the most expensive and somewhat useless piece of paper I've ever held in my hands. For many months I set there to listen to a bunch of stuff I had already done in high school. Landed my first tech job fixing computer plotters for a small company. During that year I taught myself to program in C and C++ from a couple of books in my spare time. The tech school I went to would not allow me to take that course there because they said only people with a degree or work experience could take it. Go figure. The rest of my educational experience since then has been learning from technology books, some seminars and boot camps here and there. As far as work experience goes, and in this order, I've worked as computer tech, network admin, programmer in various languages (mostly focused around MS technologies with some unix/linux sprinked in there), Sybase/MSSQL database development, Oracle/Sybase/MSSQL (since OS Warp's version) administration (although my Oracle admin experience was only for 3 months with 8i, then I moved jobs and never touched it again in an admin capacity). Currently studying mathematics, physics and electrical engineering (my lifelong passion) using the online course materials from MIT, which I highly recommend -> http://ocw.mit.edu/courses In my spare time, I read, mostly about physics, cosmology and the occasional tech book to keep up and play with the new technology. I build electronic things for fun. Most of the time they're useless and built just for the fun of the challenge, but once in a while something good comes out of it like a wireless (bluetooth) controller for my now aging telescope and my first MP3 player (that was built from a laptop drive controlled by an Atmel AT89C51SND2C controller and MP3 decoder). I brew beer, make wine, bread, cheese among a variety of other tasty treats. Whenever there is a little bit of money left over I like go to fly. As for the future, who knows.


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