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Requesting Suggestions for Affordable Reporting, Analysis Services SSRS or Qlikview Expand / Collapse
Posted Sunday, February 7, 2010 2:55 PM


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I read about Qlikview but i am unsure whether being a service provider how reasonable it would be to use qlikview and provide reporting and anlysis again to client industries using qlikview? That dosent make much sense, what i understood about qlikview is its useful for end companies like manufacturing industries so on whcih would use qlikview in their system for reprting or analyzing the company performance and so on, But providing a service to the industries i dont see how we would be able to implement qlikview to generate reports only to ask the client to install qlikview tools to access those reports or analyze. I mean we arent really needed anymore other than to perform and generate the test data, the main idea here is to make our services flexible and attractive i hope you get the idea?

But using SSRS, SSAS we would able to generate adhoc reports and SSAS allows the remote users to analyze the reports along various dimensions in a sharepoint website portal that we could build.

I would really appreciate some advice from all the reporting, analysis experts

We provide electronics engineering services to several defense and aerospace industries that manufacture defense and aerospace components.

We perform several detailed tests on those products to determine the efficiency and safety of the products. At the end of each test a large collection of data is organized into data files for analysis and storage.

Example: For a single test we generate nearly 5 excel reports, along with relevant test data and documentation which will be submitted in the form of printed material which can be used by management, design engineers.

I have to say that this is quite restrictive in nature as the printed material only provides a static view one dimensional view to the user.

Currently I am entrusted with improving the company services to its clients and finding new sources of income. I have been involved with the ETL development of Warehousing in several industries and i also have some prior awareness of the benefits of reporting services although i didn`t get the benefit of working directly with them.

Being aware of the advantages of reporting and analysis services. We would be able to provide the clients with the ability to
1)access and download the reports any time from anywhere.
2)Wide range of report formats like Web Reports, Excel Sheets, and ?
For analysis
3)The user could be able to analyze a particular report from multiple dimensions like
X-Pressure vs Y- Time OR X-Strain vs Y - Expansion.
So the business user who isn`t aware of the technical details could drag and change dimensions to compare different things.
4)Compare and analyze several test reports against one another.

Any more advantages please feel free to provide as it would be very much helpful in obtaining a good solution.

5)We obtain all data feeds in the form of flat files, maybe some time in future it might change but currently only flat files.

The amount of data generated for each test would be around 50 mb.

I am thinking of building a Data Mart to host all the historical test data which when the reporting, analysis service for clients is setup would enable the designers, management to compare online without the need to search, go through past printed materials.

7)New data would be inserted around 10 times in a month.

500mb - monthly, 6gb yearly, currently thinking of holding only around 4 years past data - 24GB or more.

Doesnt have to be exactly an elaborate OLAP setup currently. I am assuming an underlying database would suffice given the amount of data.

8)Currently cost wise the company isnt looking to engage any high cost reporting, analysis tools like Cognos or BO. :).

9)Once a database is setup to hold the data, using SSRS once say 50 reports, will i have the option
a)That the client who would be sitting several miles away is able to access the reports through some sort of link, username, password.
b)I want only 10 reports to be accessible by one user, will it be possible i.e. setting roles and groups for users of reports.

10)Also analysis services i am not familiar with this so say one client has a report X Pressure vs Y-Time and now he wants to view it in another dimension, will it be possible?

I am assuming all of this of course and would greatly appreciate if anyone can correct me. Also i would greatly appreciate if somebody can take the time to elaborate their view.

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Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2010 2:17 AM
Old Hand

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Hi there

have you found out anymore information? we have access to SSAS and qlikview and i am trying to figure out what the differences between the 2 are really.
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Posted Friday, February 19, 2010 2:20 AM


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Well good for you that you have access to both SSAS and Qlikview, Being a Data Warehouse Lead Developer i could great a great set of reporting and analytic applications with those.

Anyway comming back to to your Question.

There are more intricate differences when you ask the difference between those two.

SSAS You have more no of people who are aware of Sql Server T Sql

Qlikview You might have to bear training costs for training your staff to learn AQL QlikView proprietary language similar to SQL.

SSAS It uses Cubes i.e. data is aggregated by using a set of pre defined dimensions, based on the client requirements.

Works best for smaller data sets.
Lots of Support Available.
Cost wise it depends on what your trying to accomplish because when i checked there was

Sql Server Enterprise Edition Standard License vs Sql Server Enterprise Edition Premium License not really sure but cost wise Standard License was better as it was giving the option for Client License i.e. your client will be paying the bill and you dont need to worry about the licenses.


Cube creation is quite complex especially on large data sets.
If you need to perform any modifications in future, then Cube refresh takes some time.
Difficult to query dimensions with high cardinality.

Qlikview i dont really have a clue about their licenses but their pricing was little steep for a new product which they claim is cheaper. I have past data but the Qlikview Server costs 21K$, Publisher 12K$ something not sure, i am not a representative.


Runs Sql Queries which store data in intermediate tables called aggregation tables(microstrategy not sure if qlikview does the same)
In memory analysis which allows you to analyze data as its stored on RAM.
Lots of hardware RAM required depending on the size of data your trying to analyze, as all the data is stored onto RAM.
Works better on Large Data Sets.

Unsure if Qlikview follows ROLAP, if it does Not suitable for complicated financial calculations, i mean complicated not simple, it will work great if your trying to process your account or billing information but for stuff like trading, budget it might not.

You could get a demonstration from the SSAS, Qlikview consultants themselves and evaluate as to which is better i.e. which of those meets your budget allocation, requirements, technical aspects.

Let me know which you choose and why.

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Posted Wednesday, February 16, 2011 11:18 AM
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I can certainly help with the QlikView comparison, as I am a partner form them. I have done 100+ projects using QlikView and due to its scaling across business units, I am able to demonstrate to you over WebEx if you would like to see it?

Let me know your thoughts.
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Posted Thursday, February 17, 2011 6:20 PM


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John - thanks for your detailed description of what you want to do. We have customers doing exactly what you described, using SSAS and our Analyzer zero-footprint IE front-end, for the very same reasons you described, in multiple industries: healthcare, insurance, real estate, finance, and retail, for example. This model makes a lot of sense if, as you described, you have data that would be of interest to an audience willing to pay for access to three things: 1) the data (value-added industry data), 2) a set of pre-built reports and dashboards presenting that data in helpful ways, and 3) a way for the users to interact with that data so they can do their own analysis, modify the reports/dashbaords as they need to, save their mods, collaborate with others, etc.

Basically your OP described our Analyzer SaaS version in detail, as well as the reasons some of our customers are doing that. I say "some" because we also have versions of Analyzer for internal corporate BI and for OEM bundling. In the case of Analyzer SaaS, we don't host anything, you do. Analyzer SaaS comes out of the box with all the multi-tenant, admin, and security aspects built in. Since Analyzer is 100% zero-footprint, users only need to have the IE web browser, with nothing else needed for any user to access any feature. Our pricing is a lot less than BO and Cognos, making it a very successful business model for our SaaS customers, turning BI into a new and growing revenue stream for them.

You can reach me at bob dot abernethy at strategycompanion dot com. Looking forward to discussing this more.
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Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2011 3:19 AM
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Informatics Outsourcing is Offshore Market Research Data Analysis Service Company.

Market Research data analysis is one area of decision making where significant competitive advantage could be sought. Scientists and researchers can improve and accelerate the R & D process by gaining closer insight and better intelligence from clinical data.

Our Market Research data analysis Service includes:

Market Research data
Scientific Instrumental data
Biological Activity data Methods
Descriptive Statistics, Reliability analysis, Construct validity analysis
Correlation, Regression, Anova and Manova
Screening Tests, ROC, Chi-square and t-tests
Factor analysis, Derived Importance Calculations, Perceptual Maps

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