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Tom Thomson
Tom Thomson
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bitbucket-25253 (12/23/2010)
[Bored, not enough to do?

visiting these QODs almost a year and a half after they were original posted..

Just working backwards through all questions because it helps me learn about the new things that have happened since SQLServer 2000. I have a little experience playing with SQL 2008 (as that's where I decided out system would go) but not much as the transition was at the experiment and verify stage (experiment because I wanted to be sure any relevant and useful new features got used, the port would involve rework) but none of SQL 2005 (I decided we would skip it - platform upgrades were an absolute nightmare in our business, because our customer contracts didn't allow us to force customers to take new releases of third party software that would require new licenses - I could install service packs and bug-fixes and free upgrades to my heart's content and with pretty minimal notice to the customer, and of course push out new releases of our software provided the upgrade was seamless and I wasn't demanding extra money on top of our monthly fees, but not new versions of SQL Server or Win Server or the Win Clients unless we could find the license money ourselves - we had badly drawn up contracts).

Suggestion .. put your vast knowledge of SQL to a useful purpose for the community ... write a couple of articles .... pass some of your vast knowledge to others.

I doubt if articles about my views on normalisation or on how to build nearly secure systems with SQL 2000 (obsolete and not interesting), or deadlock detection algorithms (where I was state-of-the-art about 20 years ago, but decidedly past my sell-by date now) or relational theory would be much help to anyone, these things probably are relevant in short comments in response to material that turns up in various SQLC forums but aren't the right material for articles. I intend to put together some more QoTDs when I get around to it, and maybe some articles when I feel more competent on some form of SQL Server that's more relevant to the modern world (SQLS 2008 R2 Express, or SQL 2008 R2 generally and maybe Denali when I've upgraded my toys to Win 7 and had some time using them). Anyway, I'd probably feel absolutely stupid writing articles for a forum supported by people like Jeff and Paul and Gail and Barry and Gus and various others, who know vastly more than I do.




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