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Posted Wednesday, February 13, 2008 9:37 AM
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I am new to SQL 2005 Reporting Services

I have the following report in a Reporting Project

Volume 44274 5541 3045
FTE 478.966 49.987 25.857
Over 8 FTE 27.463 2.316 2.56
Accs 10211 6358 477
FTE 254.483 114.3 63.073
Over 8 FTE 14.285 8.839 5.721

I need to create an Expression that would take the Volume and divide it by the Sum of FTE and Over 8 FTE.
Volume, FTE, Over FTE are a Group called "Flag".

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Posted Saturday, February 16, 2008 9:05 AM



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First off, you probably would have gotten quicker response had you posted this in the Reporting Services forum.

Your expression sounds fairly simple to me, if I understand correctly. In the textbox where you want the expression (or in computed field in the data set) set the formula to: =Volume/(FTE + Over 8 FTE). Based on what you are saying they are all at the same group level. If they are at different group levels you can reference the textbox values using the ReportItems collection. I can't remember the exact syntax, but you could use BOL to find the syntax. It would be something like: =ReportItems!VolumeTxtBox.Value/(ReportItems!FTETxtBox.Value + ReportItems!Over8FTETxtBox.Value)

Jack Corbett

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