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SQL DBA and Developer Roles - Jacksonville FL

SQL DBA and Developer Roles - Jacksonville FL

Jonathan Wislie
Jonathan Wislie
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Raeder Landree, Inc. We are a national recruiting firm and preferred partner with fortune 500 companies.

I have two other roles available with different details. Please email for more information.


SQL Developer/DBA
Jacksonville, FL
3 months to perm

1. Determine, implement, and manage database backup and recovery strategies, with focus on PIT recovery.
2. Assist management with database and resource capacity planning.
3. Implement and enhance database security using proven methodologies.
4. Assist development staff with the debugging and optimization of SQL queries and stored procedures.
5. Ongoing database performance tuning and upgrades, including: monitoring and evaluation of all database patches and service packs.
6. Design and manage database import / export processes used to populate test databases and global data marts.
7. Design and implementation of database replication strategies for both internal and DR requirements.
8. Transact SQL and stored procedure development.
9. Create and maintain database ERD diagrams.
10. Assist with database modeling and design functions.
11. Research problems and recommend corrective actions.
12. Providing on call support to the IT customer base.
13. Other duties as assigned.

1. Degree in computer science or related field, 6 or more years of relevant industry experience.

2. 3 or more years experience with MS SQL Server 7.0, MS SQL Server 2000, and at least one year experience with an additional RDMS (prefer experience with Sybase).

3. Experience with MS SQL Server backup and recovery techniques in a VLDB environment.

4. Proven experience using Transact SQL.

5. Familiarity with MS SQL Server DTS and replication services.

6. Prefer experience designing and implementing data warehouses, including experience with MS SQL OLAP services.

7. Demonstrated experience in troubleshooting and resolving database problems.

8. Understanding of database design practices, including database normalization concepts.

9. Prefer background in Microsoft networking.

10. Proven ability to work with limited supervision in a team environment.

11. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


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