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Sounds very familar with between application developers and "DBA". It was a pretty hot topic in the SQL Code Camp held in New Zealand few weeks ago (organised by NZ .Net User Group).

It comes down to the fact that it is a management / people issue, which has a serious impact on productivity of the *entire* company (well or at least, betweeen the DB developers and DBAss) and the quality of the work done.

I have been running the team for the last 5 years and it is the same similar problem between the application developers and the DBAs. Application developers have been writing SQL statements (not even SP) in the business layer and DBAs just responsible for the performance tunning. Guess how difficult for the DBAs to ask the app developers to rewrite the SQL!!, and more imprtantly, putting out the fire when the db is running slow!

From the app devlopers point of view, yes, they dun wanna to rely on DBAs to do their development. However, they don't want to konw whats go on with the database schema either. Yet, DBAs keep complaining app developers write inefficient (or bad) SQL. What should we do.

I value the skills and work DBAs. However lots of people tends to have a mind set, DBAs operates in silo and they never talk to other people in the company.

I realised the problem and I started restrcuturing both our dev processes (not just the app development but also db development) and working on people's perception on what DBAs really do.

Apart having the db developers actively involved in the app development (i.e. writing USPs etc.) so they have much feedback to each other, quicker, and at earlier stage in development.

I also trained all the db developers with DBA skills and DBAs are trained with DB development skills. This is a must for *everyone* to understand what they are doing and what impact of the developers to others (not just people who get frustrated with someones' codes but also for the system performance). It works fine from management perspective as I now got everyone crossed trained and I have more resoruces to do both db dev and DBAs stuff!

I have to say there is no easy way out (I was lucky as I oversee both the operations and db development) but the most important thing is somone in the company who KNOW the development (not just app, db development) and the DBA side.

PS. its good to see M$ changed their certification from MCDBA to the new ones. MCDBAs actaully contains both the db development and DBAs stuff. However it is still called MC"DBA".

The University of Auckland


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