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Opportunity for Sr. Database Administrator in Woodland Hills, CA

Opportunity for Sr. Database Administrator in Woodland Hills, CA

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We have an immediate opportunity for a Sr. Database Administrator

• Bachelor's Degree in Computer related field.
• Minimum of 5 years experience with MS SQL Server 2008 and 2012, clustered SQL Servers, replication (Merge-replication a plus), log shipping and database mirroring.
• Working experience on Oracle 11G and MySQL.
• T-SQL scripting experience writing complex stored procedures.
• SQL performance and tuning.
Role: Sr. Database Administrator
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Pay Rate: $51 per hour

• Installation, configuration and upgrading database software and tools.
• Understands all current features and evaluate new platform features and determine strategy for the application of new features.
• Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures.
• Create, plan and test scenarios.
• Implement and maintain database security policies.
• Perform database tuning and performance monitoring
• Performance analysis (physical database tuning, reorganizations, optimization, optimal hardware environment, capacity planning).
• Setup and maintain documentation and standards.
• Verify/Review project plans and scope of production upgrades, application releases and implementations.
• Monitoring - performance, process log, troubleshoot database related issues.
• Maintain documentation on production database environments.
• Install SQL Server in a Clustered Environment.
• Install upgrades, service packs, and security updates for SQL Server database environments to protect data from intrusion and maximize system stability.
• Understand and administer Log Shipping as a DR solution.
• Conduct database performance monitoring, tuning, and routine maintenance such as index rebuilds, file compression, statistical updates, and database consistency checks.
• Monitor TLog VLF for excessive counts and maintain as necessary
• Work with development teams to assist in overall database design, helping developers tune queries, assigning proper indexes, and aiding developers in the creation of triggers and stored procedures.
• Proactive and routinely check DB integrity using DBCC CHECKDB.
• Experience working with SQL2K12 HA technologies like Always On Availability Groups.
• Formulates policies, procedures, and standards relating to database management and monitor transaction activity and utilization.
• Create and maintain detailed operating procedures, configuration documentation, and maintenance plans for the database environment.
• Works mostly independently on one or more major projects i.e. highly complex "business critical" applications.
• Secondary DBA for Oracle 11G and MySQL.
• Participate in a 24X7 on-call rotation

Interested applicants please email your resume at klorana@psgglobalsolutions.com Thanks in advance.


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