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Looking for opportunity with 24-30 hours per week

Looking for opportunity with 24-30 hours per week

Tim Cullen
Tim Cullen
SSC Eights!
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Hello all:

I would like to find an opportunity as a SQL Developer or Developer DBA. I've been in the IT industry since 2003, and have been working strictly with SQL Server since 2006. I live in the metro Atlanta area, but am open to remote options with occasional office visits. If you have opportunities for which you feel I would be a good fit, then please email me at timothyrcullen@gmail.com (or PM me). My resume' is below for your purusal. Thanks for taking a look at me. I hope to hear from you soon-

Tim Cullen

 Hardware: IBM-compatible computers and servers, Cisco network devices (switches, routers, wireless bridges and access points), Hewlett Packard digital sending devices
 Operating systems: Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Professional
 Languages/Services/Frameworks: Visual Basic (.NET 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010); Transact-SQL; HTML; XML (limited); Internet Information Services 6; Active Directory; VBScript; Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, and 4.0; Microsoft implementation of AJAX; Microsoft Enterprise Library (data and cryptography application blocks); Data Transformation Services (SQL Server 2000); SQL Server Integration Services (SQL Server 2005, 2008), SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2
 Software: Microsoft Office (2000/XP/2003/2007/2010); Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003; Blackberry Enterprise Server; NetSatisfaxtion Fax Server; Embarcadero ER/Studio (limited)
 Certifications: A+ Certified Professional; Network+ Certified Professional; Microsoft Certified Professional (exams 70-210 and 70-215); Microsoft Office Specialist (Access 2000)

SunTrust/TEK Systems 10/2013 - present
Software Developer
 Review data flows in VB script files, stored procedures, and inline SQL statements to ensure source and destination columns and parameters are congruent
 Create functional specification documents for the four data integrations being evaluated

CACI International 07/2013 – 09/2013
Database Administrator III
 Assigned to the database management team for the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry/National Center for Environmental Health
 Provide guidance for the design, implementation, and data loading of the database of a federally-mandated program
 Assist with troubleshooting and resolving data/programming issues encountered
 Assist application programmers with creation of database objects

Digital Insurance 04/2013 – current
Database Administrator (part-time)
 Create a resilient, effective, and time-conserving backup and restore strategy
 Create a disaster recovery plan involving clustering and database mirroring
 Develop and implement a performance monitoring solution
 Develop and implement a customized maintenance plan for the CRM and other critical databases

Curtis 1000 06/2012 – 11/2012
Database Administrator
 Monitored for and troubleshot all SQL Server-related issues
 Developed SSIS packages to handle various data import and manipulation operations
 Developed databases, stored procedures, and functions based on functional requirements
 Modified SSRS reports to improve performance and add new required information
 Worked with application developers with performance tuning and index optimization
 Created, monitored, and troubleshot transactional replication publications and subscriptions
 Assisted in planning SQL Server audits and migration to SQL Server 2012

TMX Financial 10/2011 – 05/2012
SQL Server Reports Developer
Atlanta, GA
 Assigned to the SQL Server Reporting Team (contracted through Veredus Corporation)
 Develop and troubleshoot complex stored procedures and functions for the purposes of data loading and reporting in a financial services environment
 Develop and troubleshoot Reporting Services reports and instances (SQL Server 2008 R2)
 Troubleshoot SSIS packages created for periodic export of data to CSV files

Northrop Grumman 07/2009 – 10/2011
Atlanta, GA
Software Development Analyst IV
 Assigned to the Application Delivery Team for the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Developed logical and physical database models based on requirements collected from clients
 Created tables, stored procedures, functions, and other data access objects using SQL Server 2000 and 2008
 Worked with application developers on T-SQL code and performance enhancements
 Performed data loads in a variety of formats using SQL scripts, Data Transformation Services, and SQL Server Integration Services
 Troubleshot SQL-Server related issues, including networking and performance tuning of queries
 Developed and implemented a .NET console application that gathers and evaluates URL’s stored in databases, then notifies the appropriate personnel of errant URL’s
 Assisted the DBA Team with providing “lunch and learns” for developers related to SQL Server
 Created SSIS packages to bulk import data in a variety of formats, including one that looped through files in a directory containing XML and CSV files and notified users of the status of data that had been imported and processed

Apex Systems, Inc. 04/2007 – 10/2008
Atlanta, GA 11/2008 – 07/2009
Developer DBA
 Assigned to the application team for the Public Building Service of the General Services Administration (contract administered by Unisys Corporation)
 Gather requirements from various clients within the GSA organization for chartered applications
 Work with web application developers in designing SQL Server 2005 databases based on client requirements
 Design the SQL Server 2005 database and web application used to manage parking lot occupancy in the Atlanta Service Centers. Technologies included Microsoft’s implementation of AJAX, .NET Framework 2.0, the Microsoft Enterprise Library 2.0, SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, and Visual Basic .NET 2005
 Maintain and troubleshoot previous web applications written using Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0
 Develop stored procedures, views, and functions for data access
 Work with the Server Support Team on developing standardized Active Directory groups and permissions in preparation for centralized server administration
 Develop SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service reports and troubleshoot reports written for SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
 Assign and troubleshoot SQL Server-related permissions

Baltimore, MD 04/2007 – 10/2008
Performance Test Engineer
 Assigned to the Document Management Architecture (DMA) project at the Social Security Administration (contract administered by Lockheed Martin)
 Developed a database and web application to document issues associated with the operation of over 110 robotic workstations. Technologies included SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic .NET 2005, and Microsoft .NET 2.0
 Developed the database for use with the Incoming Employee Processing application (SQL Server 2005)
 Developed stored procedures and functions for use in SAS programs and other reporting applications
 Performed performance tuning on queries written for web, console, and reporting applications
 Developed SQL Server Agent jobs responsible for archiving and moving data to a variety of environments
 Developed SQL Server 2000 database and console applications to monitor server issues and alert personnel both when issue was found and when it was resolved. Issues included file counts, mailboxes, and the SQL Server instances
 Monitored and performed troubleshooting for the robotic workstations deployed in all US states and territories
 Worked with other divisions on creating and monitoring transactional replication publications and subscriptions
 Created DTS and SSIS packages that imported data from numerous SQL instances into a central repository, bulk imported web server log file entries into a central repository, and other data requirements

Edgewood Solutions 09/2006 – 03/2007
Severna Park, MD
SQL Developer / DBA
 Performed installation and configuration of SQL Server 2000 and 2005, Standard and Enterprise Editions
 Assisted in troubleshooting performance and deadlock issues in the production environment
 Performed server audits to ensure SQL/Database Mail, Service accounts, and other configuration settings are correct
 Reviewed SQL error and NT logs to ensure no issues are present
 Assisted in deployment of stored procedures, jobs, security permissions, and application refresh of the development, test, and training environments
 Created a DTS package that imported system object data into a central repository for the purpose of maintaining development databases

Signature Companies 09/2004 – 09/2006
Haymarket, VA
Network/Systems Operator
 Worked alongside the Director of IS to implement new software installation and to troubleshoot issues with servers, printers, workstations, and WAN and LAN connectivity.
 Administered and troubleshot Active Directory.
 Assisted in developing Group Policies for system administration.
 Lead server upgrade project increasing the number of servers from five to seventeen. Project significantly enhanced the computing capability of the company.
 Administered and maintained Microsoft Exchange server and Blackberry Enterprise Server.
 Configured and monitored Cisco network devices, including routers, switches, and wireless access points.
 Researched and installed solutions for wireless connectivity in each of four company locations.
 Lead the development and implementation of new server and network infrastructure.
 Researched and implemented new technologies to enhance computing capabilities for a growing company.
 Conducted web development for company intranet.
 Worked on IP Telephony project to install Voice over IP telephone capabilities at all four company locations.
 Participated in long-range planning for company IT infrastructure.
 Provided technical support to over 150 users in 4 locations both in-person and remotely.
 Assisted with installation of computer network for main office expansion and construction of new warehouse.
 Interviewed and trained new IT staff on company policies and procedures with respect to IT support.
 Estimated project costs and developed project proposals working directly with vendors; Presented proposals to the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company.
 Created DTS packages that imported syslog files from Cisco devices into a central repository for review of errors and other issues

Tampa Bay Downs 10/2003 – 04/2004
Tampa, FL
IT Technician
 Worked closely with the Director of Information Technology with troubleshooting computer, network, printer, and telecommunications issues.
 Assisted in the administration of a Windows 2000 network infrastructure.
 Developed SQL databases for departments with database needs
 Developed Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages to obtain FTP files from central repository and import into tables

New Horizons Computer Learning Center 02/2003 – 09/2003
Tampa, FL
Facilities Technician
 Ensured that all computers and network are in good working condition and loaded appropriate software.
 Addressed computer, network, printer, and telecommunications issues.
 Assisted the System Administrator in the administration of a Windows 2000 network infrastructure for corporate employees.

Healthcare Worker 1987 – 2002
Paramedic on an ambulance, in Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units, and taught at a number of facilities. In addition, I created a number of Microsoft Access applications for my employers to track incident statistics, quality assurance, and education needs.

New Horizons Computer Learning Center 2001 – 2002
Information Technology (approximately 500 contact hours) Tampa, FL
Courses related to Cisco networking devices, A+, Network+, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, SQL Server 2000, Exchange 2000, and Visual Basic

Valencia Community College 1987 – 1990
Fire Science/Paramedic Technology (approximately 77 semester hours) Orlando, FL

Edgewater High School 1982 – 1985
General education (diploma received)

Accomplishments/Community Participation
 Contributor to http://MSSQLTIPS.com



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