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A Billion Transactions

A Billion Transactions

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“Give me a lot of data and I’ll save the world." That ought to be the model for data analysts. As SQL Server professionals and developers, we should be helping others to do just that.

Taken as a blanked statement, I couldn’t be disagreeing more with this! I am of the opinion we actually should not be recording everything just because we technically have the means to and are asked/ordered to do so!

People in power always want to record just about everything, in case it will be needed in the future or to look and feel in control. Using it just rarely happens and when it does, it is for the worst of the worst purposes, namely to infringe on freedoms. Besides data without properly designed structure, clear context and no standardization is next to useless.

I believe the trend seen in the last few decades is becoming more like a poison in more than one way. The problem with improved IT and more data is that the people in power get more ways to sucker everyone else with rules that seem practical enaugh to push trough. They have access and thus the means to make it happen which is destabilizing societies. We socially aren't developed enaugh to prevent outright abuse. So for now it is a lot like live living in tribal society with deep rivalries and totalitarian control that suddenly develop automatic weapons…it is quite dangerous!

IT driven efficiency gains which brought us prosperity in the private sector, do simply not work in public sectors. There is simply too much power concentrated in those sectors. Power corrupts, and this is undoing most of the gains.

This might seem politically loaded, but be fair, we still live in a politically driven world. Information technology was only born a few decades ago and only recently really took off (as in part of everyones life). This makes this a relevant angle. Always consider the context and possible contexts with what you do!


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