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Object AND Relations.

Object AND Relations.

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Hi everyone.

I'm independent DBMS specialist from Russia. "Object AND relations" is my favorite theme for many years. If you google "impedance mismatch database" and you'll possible find my paper 'Impedance mismatch is not "Objects vs. Relations" problem' on the first page. I have other papers in English and in Russian, and also a blog on the Russian analogue of this site.

Unfortunately now everybody thinks that there is a fundamental contradiction (the object-relational impedance mismatch) between object-oriented and relation paradigm, so they usually use "VS." between these two definitions. There are a lot of historical and psychological reasons of such thought but generally it's a greatest mistake. To prove that this problem has very simple solution I've created DBMS prototype which fully unites core object-oriented and relational possibilities. I claim absolute novelty and fullness of this approach. This solution can be easy implemented in existing relational DBMS and after that they can be also deservedly named as object–oriented DBMS. It' doesn't require to change existing DB but makes possible to develop them in new direction. You can see its demonstration in video. Also I have a site dedicated to the problem and to the solution.

I ask you to estimate the new possibilities. I would happy to hear any suggestions, advises, criticism, logical bug reports and plagiarism gravamen. Just be constructive, please

I clear understand how you doubt about what I claim above. The main doubt is "everybody knows that it's impossible". But you can see de visu how simple it is.


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