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SSRS No Longer Printing!

SSRS No Longer Printing!

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Having just started it with SSRS on 2008R2, I have now come across a serious problem which prevents me from printing using the relevant icon on the Preview pane.

A couple of initial reports I created printed fine. I then began adding extra columns to one of the reports and thereafter I've not been able to print.

Figuring that perhaps my inept fumblings have somehow corrupted one of the report components I removed the report from the project and re-created it via the wizard option.

The report looked fine on-screen, so I selected the Preview tab and then clicked on the Print icon. Once more the Windows print dialogue box appears, so I click Print. Then, a small SSRS dialogue box appears telling me that it's printing page 1 of the report and offers me a cancel option. Nothing happens. I wait and wait. When I move my mouse off the SSRS printing dialogue box the mouse pointer changes to an hour glass and basically all I can do is to end the program which exits BIDS.

I know my printer is fine and I have printed an e-mail to check that Windows doesn't have any issues and all is fine. So, it appears the problem lies within SSRS.

I am a little concerned that after using SSRS via BIDS for the very first time yesterday and managing to print a couple of little test reports and then fiddled with adding columns that it seems to have "broken" something and as such worries me about the robustness of the product.

I'm really hoping that the problem is down to something I've done - or haven't done. Either way, can anyone help me out with a possible reason and/or solution?





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