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Small Experiments in Data

This editorial was originally published on Mar 17, 2015. It is being republished as Steve is at SQL in the City - Austin.

Amsterdam is trying to become a smart city, with technology and investments being made in ways that will (hopefully) improve the city living experience for residents. There are a lot of items mentioned in the article, but one of the main items that I think underpins the entire experiment is data.

The piece notes that people and organizations can contribute to public data, which is then accessible by anyone that wants to build software or applications. The idea that groups can add to, and consume, data, is important. We need lots of data to better understand, and work with, our environment. We also need to ensure that the data is accessible widely otherwise it can be stifling to the innovations that people may dream about.

Amsterdam is participating in the CitySDK, a project that tries to standarize APIs for cities. That's important to avoid every environment having to reinvent their own APIs. This also means that software applications written by talented developers in one place might be easily ported to other locations. Ultimately, we might find that not only do our cell phones easily work in all locations, but specific applications that we have (perhaps for something like buses or grocers), might also easily port to other places.

I also think this provides a lot of opportunity for those of us working in software. I can see that there would be lots of organizations that have ideas for applications, but lack programming skills. There may be lots of opportunities in the future for developers to work with those that dream of new systems by bringing an idea to life. Even if you donated your time, you could polish your development skills, your communication skills with non-technical people, and dramatically improve the impression your resume makes with potential employers.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Getting the Max

I've loaded a dataframe in R with some procedure execution times from SQL Server. The dataframe looks like this:
> head(procs)
                ProcName cputime   reads
1           GetCustomers   27784  312165
2        GetCustomerList   43170  627272
3 CalculateMonthlyTotals   48868 2705414
4 CalculateMonthlyTotals   25868 2922859
5 CalculateMonthlyTotals   38206  862347
6           GetCustomers   49426 3449650
I now want to get the maximum values for cputime and reads, in order to decide which procs might need tuning. How can I do that?

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  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

The Datatimeoffset Value

It's 5:00 in the afternoon in London during in May. We can represent this time as:

DECLARE @T DATETIMEOFFSET = '2019-05-15 17:00:00 +01:00';

I want to represent this exact same time in Colorado, seven time zones away from London in May. How would I show this time in Colorado in a datetimeoffset variable?

Answer: DECLARE @Colorado DATETIMEOFFSET = '2019-05-21 10:00:00 -06:00';

Explanation: The answer is '2019-05-21 10:00:00 -06:00'. This depends on your knowing a few things. First, in May, London is on Daylight Savings time and is UTC+1. This means that the time zone representation for 5pm in London is 4pm in UTC time. Colorado is 7 time zones from London, but that's 6 time zones from UTC, therefore, we use -06:00 as the offset. For the time, this would be 10:00am in Colorado. We use that time, with -6:00 as the offset to show this is the time in CO, 6 time zones removed from UTC. Ref: Datetimeoffset -

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Status Update 17 May 2019 - It's been a week, and a hectic one away from SSC, so I've delayed posting until I could check on a few things. We have had full development staff this week, but we lose one today as we ramp down and catch up on things. Highlight of things fixed this week: resources migrated from old […]
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