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Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Every day I’ve been at work since March 27th, I’ve posted a “Good morning” tweet. In every one, I tried to provide a piece of positivity. A little something to help people at the start of the day (yeah, I know, time zones). They run the gamut from “Let’s be kind” to explanations of Chesterton’s Fence.


First of all, why would anyone listen to me? Honestly, I don’t know. I just thought it might help. I’m certainly no one special. I don’t hold Tony Robbins seminars or anything. I’m just some guy on the internet.

Being a more than slightly broken human, I’ve studied quite a bit on how to be a little less broken. I recognize that my own shortcomings have hurt people around me and sometimes limited my ability to do well. So, in the same way that I try to teach others about technology, partly based on the errors I’ve made, I try to help others be positive and find that inner fire to get things done.

That’s it. I’m just trying to, in my own small way, pitch in a little and help out.

My suggestion to you: do the same. Helping others is a reward in itself. However, helping others brings with it positive feelings that can help lead you to a healthier and happier place in general. Where and how you help is entirely up to you. I do however encourage it. Get engaged somewhere and pitch in. You’ll be doing good in the world, and you’ll be lifting yourself up at the same time. Neither of those things can be bad.

Grant Fritchey

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The Weekly News
All the headlines and interesting SQL Server information that we've collected over the past week, and sometimes even a few repeats if we think they fit.
Vendors/3rd Party Products

Gathering SQL Server Performance Counters for Multiple Servers

SQL Multi Script can easily be persuaded to run queries at the server level rather than the database level. It is also able to combine results from many databases even if the results aren't identical but have some different columns. Phil Factor demonstrates how this works, when collecting a set of performance counters from all databases on a distribution list of servers.

Unboxing SQL Toolbelt: What is SQL Multi Script for?

SQL Multi Script does one thing and does it well: it will run whatever script or scripts you select, on a list of databases, and collate all the results neatly. However, it has a surprising number of uses. Phil Factor explains how it works and then uses it to search 100 databases, for occurrences of a string, in about 7 seconds.

Tracking use of Deprecated SQL Server Features

Phil Factor explains how to use SQL Prompt, or SQL Change Automation, to detect use of deprecated SQL Server syntax, during development, and Dynamic Management Views and Extended Events to track its use on working databases.


Understanding how to enable SQL Server Optimizer Hotfixes

There are a number of knobs and switches that are available to database administrators that can be used to enable better performance.  There are three options in particular that... The...

What SQL ConstantCare® Has Been Finding In Your Servers Lately

SQL ConstantCare® analyzed over 3,000 of your SQL Servers this month. Here are the things we check for and the number of servers where we found this problem this month:...

SQL Server ConfigurationFile.ini

The ability to use a parameter file (configurationfile.ini), for automating the installation of SQL Server, has been around for many…

Azure DevOps

Getting Started with Azure DevOps

Microsoft provides Azure DevOps for hosting your repos, setting up pipelines and more. In this article, Diogo Souza shows you how to get started using Azure DevOps.

Azure SQL Database

Creating data files in Azure Blob Storage for SQL Server database with Powershell

Storing SQL Server database files in Azure blob storage is a great solution for all the databases that are often migrated between instances, servers, virtual machines, or would have...

Computing in the Cloud (Azure, Google, AWS)

How to Iterate Through A List of Objects with Terraform's for_each function

What I want to do # create file local.users.yml user: - name: foobar1 email: - name: foobar2 email: - name: foobar3 email: locals { users_file = "local.users.yml" users_file_content =...

New – Amazon EC2 Instances based on AWS Graviton2 with local NVMe-based SSD storage

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post to announce the new AWS Graviton2 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance type, the M6g. Since then, hundreds of customers have...

Understanding Hybrid Azure Active Directory Join

Devices hybrid joined to AAD are not joined to AAD. But instead, joined to ADDS and automatically registered with AAD. The post Understanding Hybrid Azure Active Directory Join appeared first...

Conferences, Classes, Events, and Webinars

Upcoming Events: Data Platform Summit

Key Details What: Data Platform Summit 2020Where: OnlineWhen: November 30th through December 8thRegister at the Data Platform Summit site. What I’m Presenting Monday, December 7th and Tuesday, December 8th, 12 PM...

Free Webinar – Updates to the SSIS Framework

Join me 30 Jul 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT for Updates to the SSIS Framework! The recording for this presentation is available here. “I cover a really good example...


Generate SQL Server Role Member Reports using dbatools and ImportExcel PowerShell modules

This was initial posted on SQL Server Central articles. As one of dbatools' first members, I've been using it for years and it's really my goto tool. This task... The...

The Basics of Managing a Windows 10 System with PowerShell

PowerShell isn't just a command-line tool for system administrators. Even savvy Windows 10 users can take advantage of the capabilities built-in to make changes to their OS. The post The...

Data Mining / Data Analysis

The field of natural language processing is chasing the wrong goal

At a typical annual meeting of the Association for...

Data Privacy, Compliance, and GDPR

Two Steps to Celebrating (and Surviving) the Two-Year GDPR Anniversary

Click to learn more about author Kyle McNabb. The ...

Data Science

Key Trends Impacting the Future of Data Science

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Data science also helps businesses use advanced tools and technologies to automate complicated business processes linked with extracting, analyzing and presenting raw data. With rapid advancements...

Database Design, Theory and Development

Things That Shouldn’t Be Normal in Database Development (28 minute video/podcast episode)

Many people use entrenched processes for database ...

Hands-On with Columnstore Indexes: Part 3 Maintenance and Additional Options

In the final article of this series, Edward Pollack demonstrates the maintenance of columnstore indexes. He also takes a look at nonclustered columnstore and memory-optimized columnstore indexes.

ETL/SSIS/Azure Data Factory/Biml

Transforming JSON data with the help of Azure Data Factory - Part 5 - Comparing it with Databricks

(2020-July-29) There is a well known and broadly advertised message from Microsoft that Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a code-free environment to help you to create ... The...


Intel Adds Core i9-10850K To Desktop Chip Lineup: 10 Cores Minus 100MHz

Intel this morning is taking the wraps off of a new Core i9 processor that it’s adding to its family of Comet Lake desktop CPUs. Taking its place as...


MEDIANX Returns Blank in DAX – Part 1

I was going to title this blog “MEDIANX and the X Functions”, but that sounded too much like a 2030s band, so I opted for MEDIANX returns blank in...


Embedding Power BI? Choosing Between PBI Premium or Embedded

The most appropriate way to deliver Power BI content to your users is not always apparent. With Power BI Pro licensing, most people view your reports and dashboards in the...

Dynamic Datasets in Power BI

I recently came across the need to build a screeni...

OVERLAPPING Power BI visuals can be FRUSTRATING!?! How to avoid?

Overlapping Power BI visuals can be FRUSTRATING! A...

Doing Power BI the Right Way: 1. Futureproofing Power BI solutions

When starting a Power BI project, you have many choices to make. Decisions like how to source your data, where and how to create queries to cleanse, transform and...

Notifying a Teams Channel of a SQL Agent Job result

Following on from yesterdays post about creating an overview of SQL Agent Job Results and sending it to a Teams channel, I was given another challenge Can you write... The...

NEXT LEVEL Conditional Drill in Power BI Desktop with buttons

Learn how you can take conditional drill to the NE...

Public Datasets

COVID-19 hospital data is a hot mess after feds take control

With weird discrepancies and fluctuations, COVID trackers say the data is less useful.

SQL Server Security and Auditing

A One-Slide Summary of the Differences Between TDE and Always Encrypted

The folks on Twitter liked this, so sharing it her...

Storage 101: Data Security and Privacy

No discussion about storage is complete without thinking about security of the data. In this article, Robert Sheldon explains what must be considered to protect data in today's world.

Security News and Issues

IBM completes successful field trials on Fully Homomorphic Encryption

FHE allows computation of still-encrypted data, without sharing the secrets.

Garmin’s four-day service meltdown was caused by ransomware

Provider of GPS services for navigation and wearab...

Software Development

Extracting DACPAC even When SQL Server refuses to

There are many situations when you need to extract a DACPAC from an existing database in a SQL Server. These situations are usually related to devOps, we extract the...


Step by step Finding Distance between two cities by using SQL Server

     I wrote about finding distance between two...

The Easy Guide on How to Use Subqueries in SQL Server

Total: 4 Average: 5Do you use SQL subqueries or avoid using them? Let’s say the chief credit and collections officer asks you to list down the names of people,...

Database Fundamentals #28: Creating a Primary Key Using T-SQL

There are actually a couple of ways to create a pr...

What is Full Outer Join With Exclusion? – Interview Question of the Week #286

Question: What is Full Outer Join With Exclusion??...

Should I Transform My Data In My SQL Query?

Watch this week’s video on YouTube. Imagine you need to join two tables of data and filter the results. Perhaps you also need to convert some of the values... The...

Remember “Nothing Stops a Hekaton Transaction?” Yeah, About That.

When In-Memory OLTP first came out, Microsoft liked to go around bragging at conferences that “Nothing stops a Hekaton transaction.” I remember hearing that and kinda chuckling at the...

Adding a FK to a Table–#SQLNewblogger

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers. One thing that helps ensure your data is... The...

Tech News

Judge orders New York to pay unemployment to Uber and Lyft drivers

Uber and Lyft argue their drivers are not employees, but some courts disagree.

The Lighter Side

NASA, SpaceX preparing to bring Crew Dragon home this week

So far, this test flight has been a great success....

Offshore wind in Europe won’t need subsidies much longer

Analysis shows costs—and subsidies—are falling rapidly.

Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft has six passenger seats and lots of windows

The cabin design looks nice. But why are these renderings?

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