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Daily Coping Tip

Go for a drive or a solitary walk and enjoy the changing scenery

I also have a thread at SQLServerCentral dealing with coping mechanisms and resources. Feel free to participate.

For many of you out there working in a new way, I'm including a thought of the day on how to cope in this challenging time from The Action for Happiness Coping Calendar. My items will be on my blog, feel free to share yours.

Seeing the World Differently with a Coach

I ran across an article recently that got me to stop and really think about how I proceed through life and who my coaches, confidants, and mentors are in the world. There are a few people I lean on, and while I don't get the same advice in this piece, I did find this to be a series of things that made me stop and think.

Leo Widrich is a coach to CEOs, founders, and executives.  Last year he coached 101 people and wrote about a few takeaways. It is an interesting read, and paints many of these executives with feelings, emotions, insecurities, and other frailties that I have. I suspect many others feel the same way in their lives.

Each of these items made me think a bit, but perhaps the one that had the most impact on me was to think about non-attachment. I think this might be my biggest struggle, to accept difficult situations, and not lash out or get upset, but let the emotions wash over me, experience them, and then let them go. I struggle to do this without some sort of reaction, or most often, overreaction. I have recognized this a few times as I get older and gotten better at experiencing things without a out sized emotional response, but I still have work to do.

Maybe the best quote for me was at the top: "... people have heard me say that I think it quite reckless and silly for founders and other executives to go through their life and business world (when you can afford it) without a trusted mentor, coach, advisor or therapist." I actually think this is something most people need, especially those in stressful situations. I don't know you need to pay a life coach, though a therapist is often a good idea. A good adviser, someone trusted and with your best interests at heart is invaluable as you go through life. I think I have a couple of them, and I'm glad I do.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  Featured Contents
Stairway to Exploring Database Metadata

Exploring SQL Server Indexes: Stairway to Exploring Database Metadata Level 3

Phil Factor from

This level of the Stairway to Exploring Database Metadata focuses on indexes and all the information you can gather about them.

How to Install Azure Data Studio to Work with SQL Server

Additional Articles from Brent Ozar Unlimited Blog

Brent shows us how to Install Azure Data Studio to Work with SQL Server.

Unboxing SQL Toolbelt: What is SQL Multi Script for?

Additional Articles from Redgate

SQL Multi Script does one thing and does it well: it will run whatever script or scripts you select, on a list of databases, and collate all the results neatly. However, it has a surprising number of uses. Phil Factor explains how it works and then uses it to search 100 databases, for occurrences of a string, in about 7 seconds.

Free eBook: SQL Server Execution Plans, Third Edition

Press Release from Redgate

If a query is performing poorly, and you can't understand why, then that query's execution plan will tell you not only what data set is coming back, but also what SQL Server did, and in what order, to get that data. It will reveal how the data was retrieved, and from which tables and indexes, what types of joins were used, at what point filtering, sorting and aggregation occurred, and a whole lot more. These details will often highlight the likely source of any problem.

From the SQL Server Central Blogs - Calculating Application Availability in the Cloud

david.bermingham from Clustering for Mere Mortals

When deploying business critical applications in the cloud you want to make sure they are highly available. The good news is that if you plan properly, you can achieve...

From the SQL Server Central Blogs - The What, Why, When, and How of Incremental Loads

Tim Mitchell from Tim Mitchell

When moving data in an extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process, the most efficient design pattern is to touch only the data you must, copying just the data that...


  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Filtering an R Dataframe

I have a dataframe in R, called sales. In this dataframe, I have a column called Revenue. I am looking for the high values in this dataframe and want to filter this to just those results that have a value > 15000 for the revenue. What expression gives me this?

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  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

Resetting Filegrowth

I am using the ALTER DATABASE command to change  the filegrowth settings for some files in my SQL Server 2019 database. What options do I have to specify the scale of my filegrowth?

Answer: I can use a number with any of these: KB, MB, GB, TB, %

Explanation: I can use a number with any of these: KB, MB, GB, TB, % Ref: ALTER DATABASE -

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Database Pros Who Need Your Help

Here's a few of the new posts today on the forums. To see more, visit the forums.

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Update all the sequence number of "Restart sequence" with the Current Value - Hi all, how can I update all the numbers of the sequences under Programmability/Sequences to be aligned in this order: all the value Current Number for example 4001 will substitute the 4000 number of Restart sequence, this for all the sequences. Thanks in advance.
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Recursive CTE issue when there is a chain of blocking SPIDs - Scenario: When one SPID is blocking the second, and the second is blocking the third ... and then the 33rd is blocking the first one, thus forming circular blocking chain. QUESTION 1:  is such situation POSSIBLE? Some experts say no, and each circular blocking gets quickly resolved by a Deadlock/victim process. I believe it is […]
How to add to a date column excluding weekends and holidays for SLA calculation - Hi Friends, I struggling to create a datetime column with certain conditions. My data looks like below CreatedDateTime, Priority, TargetDate I already have a calendar table which will say if its a business day or not as 1 or 0. I want to calculate the TargetDate with conditions as follows. If Priority is 1 Then […]
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Query - Hi I have below Data & want to display in below format Name <45 45 To 60 60 To 90 90 To 120 > 120 Black Paint 540 Blue Paint 360 50 USE [Test] GO /****** Object: Table [dbo].[Batch] Script Date: 27/07/2020 3:00:37 PM ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE TABLE […]
SQL Server 2012 - T-SQL
Full Backup Physical_device_name Guid using Native SQL Backup - I am having issues with creating a backup (manually, via script, via Agent).  The backup file is fine.  It shows up on the X: drive.  I can restore from it.  But, when I try to run a differential -- i get an error.  After much research I have found that the physical-device_name is a guid […]
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Provisioning SQL Server 2019 - I'm provisioning a SQL Server 2019 build and have been allocated a virtual server running Windows Server 2016. It has 4 virtual processors and I have 410Gb of drive space to work with. My build has to run two versions of the same 35Gb database. My intention is to split the 410Gb drive on the […]
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how to get total row count fastest? - hello all I wrote this query and my goal is 0 sec for query Result. Declare @PrncplCompanyId int = 1, @FinancialPeriods nvarchar(1000) = '19', @Stores nvarchar(max)= '0', @searchQry nvarchar(1000)='', @skip int = 1, @take int = 10, @fromWh bit =0, @withParameter bit = 0, @isWarehouse bit = 0, @userid int = 266, @additionalFieldsInSerarch nvarchar(max) = […]
Reporting Services
searching topics - Hi guys Sorry, it might be that I use a phone but is there a searching facility to find a certain topic? kind regards
viewing reports - Hi guys Can one preview a report without it having to open up an URL? Kind regards
Transfer data (views) between databases in offline scenario - I have this seemingly really simple problem, but I can't find a decent solution anywhere, been searching for days now... Please bear in mind I'm not a full-fledged DBA. I could solve it completely in .Net code, but I had hoped there would be a relatively easy solution in Sql directly... Here goes: I need […]
Expression help - Hi, I am using this expression in precedence constrain. If it is true, then go to the next step. SUBSTRING(@FileName,"MyNetworkFolder\\xyz*.xls",1) > 0 ? "True" : "False" For some reason, the expression didn't like *. What I am trying to do here is. If the variable @FilaName has file name start with Xyz and extension only […]


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