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Daily Coping Tip

Make time for self-care. Do something kind for yourself.

I also have a thread at SQLServerCentral dealing with coping mechanisms and resources. Feel free to participate.

For many of you out there working in a new way, I'm including a thought of the day on how to cope in this challenging time from The Action for Happiness Coping Calendar. My items will be on my blog, feel free to share yours.

Do You Have a Mentor?

It's partway through the year 2020 and I'm wonder if many of you are continuing with your resolutions at this point? I know that the yoga classes at my gym were already thinning before the COVID-19 crisis as people that started out coming regularly at the beginning of the new year slowly started coming less often or dropping out. I see that every year as resolutions start to fade in importance.

Goals are good drivers, but also stern taskmasters, especially for those of us that are more type-A and driven. I sometimes avoid putting down goals because I've struggled to accept my inability to attain them. I'm working to accept the fact I miss some goals, but it's a hard balance to strive. The goal has to mean something to work towards it, and it should be hard enough to stretch me, but I can't be upset for not making it. I also can't just accept not trying. I am never quite sure how to best tackle this.

Earlier this year I was reading the sqlSkills newsletter and saw an editorial from Paul Randal. In it he talked about improving yourself, the different things you might try, and also the need to post-mortem your previous efforts. One other thing he mentioned was the value of having a mentor.

I wonder how many of you have a mentor that you can call on. I know I've tried to help in the past with The Mentoring Experiment, Paul does some mentoring, and there other efforts out there. I think it's valuable to get some mentoring at different times in your life, and from different people.

I have a couple people that I know I can ask things of with regards to my career and personal growth. I've leaned on them at times, asking for advice or feedback on different ways to change my life. My wife is one, but there are a few others that have had quite a bit of influence on how I move forward.

If you don't have a mentor, I'd advise you to seek one out. Or maybe more than one. Ask someone you like, you trust, that isn't directly supervising you (spouses excepted here), and that you think can give you honest and supportive feedback on your career, life, or something else. It's a valuable tool to help you cope with the world and assist you in achieving your goals.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  Featured Contents

Why QUOTENAME is important

Thom A from

Why good use of QUOTENAME can easily prevent injection and unexpected behaviour in Dynamic SQL.

Help us define the State of Database Monitoring in 2020

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The State of SQL Server Monitoring was launched in 2018. This year we are interested in gathering insight across database platforms, not just SQL Server. Have your say and take the survey to be first to receive the report and enter your chance to win a $500 Amazon voucher.
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The First Time I Had to Restore a Database

Additional Articles from Brent Ozar Unlimited Blog

Do you remember the very first time you had to do a database restore to fix something you messed up?

From the SQL Server Central Blogs - Diversity & Inclusivity – a personal journey

HamishWatson from The Hybrid DBA's Blog

This article is about my own experiences in making my user group and community events more inclusive for people from diverse backgrounds.  I am going to use growing my...

From the SQL Server Central Blogs - Charting in Azure Data Studio

Steve Jones - SSC Editor from The Voice of the DBA

The March 2020 release of Azure Data Studio (ADS) includes a charting feature for SQL queries. This is a quick look at the feature, which I think will have...


  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Counting Rows in DAX

For the COUNTROWS() function, what type of parameter(s) is/are used?

Think you know the answer? Click here, and find out if you are right.



  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

ADF Triggers

As of March 2020, if I want to execute an Azure Data Factory pipeline with a trigger, what options do I have?

Answer: Schedule based on wall clock time, a tumbling window on a time period, or an event based trigger

Explanation: I have three trigger options in ADF:

  • Schedule trigger: A trigger that invokes a pipeline on a wall-clock schedule.
  • Tumbling window trigger: A trigger that operates on a periodic interval, while also retaining state.
  • Event-based trigger: A trigger that responds to an event.

Ref: Trigger Execution -

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Database Pros Who Need Your Help

Here's a few of the new posts today on the forums. To see more, visit the forums.

SQL Server 2017 - Administration
Permissions to Run CLR Assembly - This is my first time dealing with CLR assemblies and we have setup some CLR assemblies in one of our databases and created some stored procedures to access these assemblies.  Now I need to give a particular user permission to run these stored procedures.  I have granted EXECUTE on the stored procedures but this user […]
SQL Server 2016 - Administration
Understanding and Improving Query Plans - Hi everyone. I have a process that is taking a long time to execute 12 hours down from 16 after addition of index and maintenance.  There are about 180+ million records of financial info in this table (the last 4 years). Theses records cannot be archived just yet. Running an invoice process is taking longer […]
change data capture errors cdc_errors - The cdc capture job ran into errors on our prod server. The error reporting in dm_cdc_errors is Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'cdc.CI_dbo_valuation_CT' WITH unique index 'CI_dbo_valuation_t_CT_clustered_idx'. The duplicate key value is (0x005e624e00063c60002c, 1, 0x005e624e00063740005c, 2). The index definition is on the following columns. The following selects shows that there is already a […]
Do I need to update statistics after compressing table? - I page-compressed a table with one Clustered and 4 non-clustered indexes, 5 million rows. Do I need to do any update statistics , rebuild, etc. ?  Before the table is fully ready for production operations. Or is it ready to use right after compression?  
SQL Server 2016 - Development and T-SQL
Partitioning table techniques which one is best way? - Hello All, I am about to do partitioning for my DW tables based on datetime and left range partition for every year. If we partition with one file group for each year scheme is best or different filegroup & file(.ndf) for each scheme? Which is the best way to handle this trillion records table?
Administration - SQL Server 2014
backup for 25 databases - What is the best way to backup 25 dbs ?   Take into accnt I'm doing daily full (25 files), hourly diff (10 files - 10 hours per day), 15 tran log (4, because of 60 minutes).   planning to store all the files in one folder. (Let me know if there is a better […]
Compression: should I compress the entire table or each index indivitually? - Should I not even bother compressing non-clustered indexes? OR if I do, should I do one buy one non-clustered indexes? Or they won't get compressed? what if my table does not have clustered indexes? it only has a composite primary key, non-clustered. And a dozen of nonclustered indexed.  Should I  then not consider such table […]
SQL server agent stop working (the server threw an exception [0x80010105]) - Hi, I have cluster SQL (2008) running under windows server 2008. The cluster is working file for both nods. The SQL server agent stop working. I got an error 1069 which is related to failure in login (I did not change the password for SQL or windows). I tried to reconfirm SQL password in SQL […]
SQL 2012 - General
MAXDOP and cost threshold for parallelism settings - Hi All, On one of our newly migrated sup-prod azure vm which is running on SQL Server 2012 EE, we are seeing high 100% CPU. On further looking at server parameters, we see that "maxdop=0" and "cost threshold for parallelism=5" which is by default. From task mgr and perfmon it is evident that sustained 94% […]
SQL Server 2012 - T-SQL
Convert date value - Hi, I have a requirement to convert a date value like '7th March 2020'  to '2020-03-07'. However, the problem is the datatype for the date column is varchar and this needs to be achieved in SSIS. Can somebody please help on this ? Thanks.
SQL Server 2019 - Administration
Developer Edition - I am proposing to the business that we use SQL 2019 Developer in our non production environment mainly in DEV or Test and don't want to pay for Enterprise Licenses for all of these environments. What disadvantages would be there with developer edition in DEV? Please advise? Thanks in Advance!
How not to have sql to restart on the same node but failover on 1st failure in a - Hi, By default sql tries to restart on the same node in case of a failure, next it does failover. Personally I am good with the default behavior , but I am being asked a interesting question - is it possible to have sql NOT try a restart on the same node and just failover […]
SQL Server 2019 - Development
PIVOTing only selected rows - Hi, I have the following table: AA | BB ======= 1       a 2      b 1      c 2     d 1     e 2     f -------- I would like to obtain the following result table: AA |  BB  | 2 ========= 1        […]
Common schema in different Databases - Hi, I need to include a very simple schema in all of my database projects. It will have 3-4 tables to log some special events. I want to include it on my current projects, but keep a single definition. Is there a simple way to obtain that? I know I can reference a datpac or […]
COVID-19 Pandemic
Daily Coping Tip 7 Apr 2020 - Daily Coping Tip: Rediscover your favourite music that really lifts your spirits. My thoughts:


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