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Getting Close

Last week we saw the release of SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.5, with enhancements for Big data clusterrs and a Java language SDK for SQL Server. This is the 6th public release of the next version, and one that’s coming at an increasing rate. If you look at the cadence, there was a release in September, then November, then December, about once a month. A long delay at the beginning of the year, but now 3 releases in a month and a half, which lead me to think that they’re getting close to being done with features. I have no idea when the product will release, and I do think that //build/ is a little too close, but I do think that it will release in the next few months.
For fun, I’ll send someone this mug (or a fun one of your choice) if you can guess which day the new version will release. Drop a note in the discussion with your guess.
For SQL Server 2017, we had seven CTPs and 2 RCs. For SQL Server 2016, we had 11 CTPs and 4 RCs. SQL Server 2014, I only had 2 CTPs tracked, though I think this was barely a major release. You can flip back through our build lists and check, but there has been both an increase in the pace of CTP/RC release as well as an increasing volume through the versions. I think this is a direct result of an better engineering process that has adopted DevOps to ensure the release of software is easier than ever.
I have to admit I’m torn on this. There is some effort to download and update software, and at times these versions have to be uninstalled to install a new version. That makes sense, and I certainly don’t want them spending time ensuring they can upgrade between CTPs if they can fix some bugs instead. Even if i have time to install the software and check a few things, I often don’t want to then recheck a number of things that used to work, and like many people, I probably just check one or two new things. Or if I haven’t finished checking something from a previous CTP, I might stick with that version.
This is one place that I think containers can really change the world. I can get the updated software without effort. Other than the download, starting a CTP 2.5 image is no different than starting a CTP 2.4 image. There is still a challenge with data files, but in a very rapdily changing world, we want to be able to upgrade quickly. With the changes made with CUs to allow roll forward and roll back, containers make even more sense. Stop one container, start a new one, same IP, same name, same data, new version of binaries. Upgrade or downgrade.
I’m both excited and intimidated by the new version. There are lots of enhancements that are going to make this a new generation of the platform, but as developers and customers request the use of new features, I’m going to be scrambling to better learn and understand some of the tricks I need to get the system to run well. Of course, with Intelligent Query Processing, maybe I’ll have a bit more free time away from some of the poor code that I’m stuck running.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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All the headlines and interesting SQL Server information that we've collected over the past week, and sometimes even a few repeats if we think they fit.

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Cloud Computing

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Conferences and Events

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SQL in the City Summits – UK, US & Down Under

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Database Design and Implementation

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Devops and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

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ETL/SSIS/Azure Data Factory

Where should I clean my data?

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Redgate SQL Prompt

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The Intel Optane Memory H10 Review: Two SSDs In One

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Microsoft News

Microsoft Increases Minimum Storage Requirements for Windows 10 Feature Updates

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Microsoft Edges Toward $1 Trillion Valuation on Results Beat

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Windows 10 May 2019 update blocked for anyone using USB or SD storage

If you really want to install the update now, you'll have to unplug your drives.


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When does a Failing Pester Test return Green?

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Building an inventory view of SQL Servers with dbatools

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Product News

SQL Server 2019 community technology preview 2.5 is now available

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Released: Version-agnostic Management Pack for SQL Server (

Version-agnostic management pack for SQL Server now supports SQL Server 2012, 2014, and 2016 in addition to 2017 and up This management pack is virtually a new version of the...

Product Reviews

Book Review: Mastering .NET Machine Learning

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Free SQL Server Load Testing Tools

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HowTo: Install SSIS Framework Community Edition

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SQL Server on Linux

Azure SQL Linux VM – configuring SQL, installing pwsh and connecting and interacting with dbatools

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Disabled Database User?

In my many years of working as a DBA, I have encountered many disabled logins. However, I have never really encountered what looks to be a disabled database user account. I didn’t even think it was possible to disable a user account in a SQL Server database.

Password1, Password2, Password3 no more: Microsoft drops password expiration rec

For years, Microsoft's baseline security policy has expired passwords after 60 days.

The top five vulnerabilities that could lead to a cyberattack

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Using IGNORE NULLS With SQL Window Functions to Fill Gaps

I found a very interesting SQL question on Twitter recently

The Lighter Side

Massachusetts offshore wind project gets green light at roughly 8.9 cents/kWh

The Vineyard Wind project will also commit $15 million to battery development.

These are the best new vehicles of the 2019 New York International Auto Show

American auto shows are in decline, but we still found a few things to excite.


SSMS v18 and Azure Data Studio: The Golden Age of SQL Server Tooling

Yesterday, SQL Server Management Studio 18.0 shipped. Here’s the official announcement, the download page, and the release notes. Yes, it’s still free, and yes, they’re still adding features. Yes,...

Virtualization, containers, and k8s

Gathering VMWare Metrics

Anytime that you a large environment, gathering metrics in any form can be daunting and cumbersome.  Using scripting languages can usually greatly improve the efficiency of this process as...

SQL SERVER – Docker Volume and Persistent Storage

I have received some rave reviews of my article on SQL SERVER – How to Get Started with Docker Containers with Latest SQL Server?. It was amazing to hear...

data masking

Data Masker For Oracle 6 is here

Introducing a new user interface, enhancements and new features, you can now try the latest version of Data Masker for Oracle. Deliver production like data to development teams while ensuring that confidential data remains protected.

software development

Excellent Analysis of the Boeing 737 MAX Software Problems

This is the best analysis of the software causes of the Boeing 737 MAX disasters that I have read. Technically this is safety and not security; there was no...


Data Privacy Week: Navigating the New World

Monday May 20-Friday May 24 - Join Redgate and PASS for a week of events designed to help SQL Server teams navigate the new world of global data privacy.

Easing the transition from shared to dedicated database development

Wednesday May 8, 4PM-5PM BST / 10AM-11AM CDT - Discover how transitioning from shared database development to individual development environments is easier than ever thanks to database virtualisation and source control technology.

Test data provisioning for compliant database development

Wednesday May 1, 4PM-5PM BST / 10AM-11AM CDT - In this webinar, you’ll learn how to implement a test data provisioning solution that accelerates your development cycles and meets the needs of data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and the GDPR.

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