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The Soft Skill of Respect

This editorial was originally published on March 14, 2019. It is being re-run as Steve is on sabbatical.

When I started to work more closely with the product development teams at Redgate Software, I found it interesting that we devoted so many resources to user experience, testing, and other non-development tasks. Coming from more focused groups, this was new to me. At times this felt like an indulgence, and at times a lot of overhead that slowed down the coding process. Over time, I've grown to appreciate having different skills in our teams.

Not that we build software in the best way possible, and certainly not the quickest, but we have some well coordinated and knowledgeable teams. We're still evolving and learning how to put together teams of people and effectively build software, but I think we're moving in the right directions.

As soon as I read this piece on hard and soft skills, I thought of Redgate and all the non-coding people that build our products. What struck me was how often I'd devalued non technical skills, but the more I work with our (and other) software, the more I appreciate that those other roles are important. The piece rambles and wanders around the point, but I do see that there are a couple important takeaways I get from this.

First, we need to respect others that perform different work from us if we are going to build synergy in our teams. The synergy is creating something that none of us could do individually, or even separately. We get more done by working together and that means we must be a team. Teams only come from respect between individuals, and that includes the managers.

The second thing that I realized, is that it is important to understand a basic level of what other jobs entail. Too often we data professionals have been upset that application developers don't know more SQL. Many of us learn some of the domain specific knowledge of the data we deal with, in order to talk with customers, produce reports, etc. Following our own advice, we ought to know more about the development platforms, the challenges, their testability, and more, if for no other reason than we can better understand how the entire system works and can talk about it with others

I certainly know that relationships and people are incredibly important in larger projects, which is another important takeaway from the article. We all do need to improve our hard skills, learning to code more efficiently and securely. We also need to remember the importance of softer skills, and the need for a wider variety of skills in our teams. A little appreciation for the need for more than expert level coders might help us create better teams that function more efficiently and help us produce better software.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


More Data

I'm compiling some data from various sources, and I have this so far.
> Avengers
  ID Age        Name
1  1  34 Black Widow
2  2  48    Iron Man
If I want to add a row that has these values: (3,100, "Captain America") Which of these should I choose?

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  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Kendra Little)

SELECT and Locking

For a SELECT query running under the default “pessimistic” implementation of the read committed isolation level, locks are held.... 

Answer: For a very short time

Explanation: I like to say that the default implementation of read committed “loves the row or page it’s with.” The default implementation of this isolation level in SQL Server is pessimistic, meaning that locks are issued even on reads to protect the data so that it’s not modified while you are reading it. However, read committed doesn’t hold these locks long for reads. If you’re scanning a heap or index, this means that data may move around while you are scanning it (if it isn’t the row or page you are reading at that exact moment). This can lead to weird phenomena like reading rows twice, missing rows entirely, and other incorrect results. A good resource to learn more about this is Microsoft’s “Transaction Locking and Row Versioning Guide.” 

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