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Personal Power

Because of my job with Redgate (which I love and will never leave even after I’m dead), I spend a lot of time learning about compliance and all the new laws and regulations coming out of things like the GDPR and the CCPA (they changed the name evidently). However, I’m a nerd. I’m not a lawyer. Regardless, I spend a lot of time reading those laws, then, I try to take what I’ve learned and share it with other data professionals.

However, here’s where things go off the rails a bit. A lot of times, while talking to my data pro peers, I get the message back, “Yeah, we hear your Grant, and all this compliance stuff sounds pretty dire for our organization, but, I’m not in charge. I can only do what my boss tells me and she hasn’t told me to work on this.”

Let me tell a story.

Once upon a time, I went to my boss and said something along the lines of, “Hey, our organization is doing something foolish, you need to carry the message to the powers that be.” I’ll never forget his response to me, because I’ve tried, mostly successfully, to live by it ever since.

“Grant, there’s personal power and there’s institutional power. I can try to use institutional power to implement this change. However, you’ve got the knowledge, the passion, and the drive to carry this to the organization on your own. You need to grow your personal power with the organization and then, despite your position, you can more directly influence what happens.”

Now, I have cleaned this up a little. My boss could occasionally used more salty language than I used here. You can insert your own curse words where you feel appropriate. Anyway…

And they lived happily ever after.

The point is, yes, you don’t have institutional power to carry a message to your organization. It doesn’t matter if that message is something really broad like compliance, or just simple stuff like, maybe having an off-site backup would be a good idea. You can be the person that carries it into the organization. You can use your personal power to talk to the right people, to share with them your knowledge, yes, but more importantly for you, to share with them your desire to help the organization.

I’m not suggesting you bypass your boss. I’m also not suggesting you start hanging out in the legal team’s office haranguing them. I’m just saying, sometimes, you’re the right person to step up and deliver a necessary message. Never doubt that. You may have a unique understanding about something the organization didn’t know about. It happens every day. After talking with your boss, you might find out the organization was already on top of the situation. This won’t hurt you, again, you’re showing interest in a way that’s positive. It will benefit you and your career.

Grant Fritchey

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All the headlines and interesting SQL Server information that we've collected over the past week, and sometimes even a few repeats if we think they fit.
Vendors/3rd Party Products

Custom Deployments from Source Control using SQL Compare Command line

Giorgi Abashidze explains how his team use a 2-phase deployment process with SQL Compare Command line, and some SQL Synonyms, to automate custom deployments for each of their customers, while only needing to maintain one branch per release in source control.

Checking for Database Events Using Extended Events and SQL Monitor

You need to make sure that nobody tampers with your production databases, or really any databases outside Development. Even if you weren't of a nervous disposition, you'd want to know if a database was stopped or removed. You'd also be intrigued by the sudden unrehearsed addition of a database to a production server.

Cloning all the Databases on a Server

Phil Factor shows uses SQL Clone and PowerShell to automatically create images of all databases on an instance, if they don't already exist, and then create or refresh clones of each one, on all your development servers.

AI/Machine Learning/Cognitive Services

In an AI future, humans still have a lot to be smug about

While Brexit has distracted us for the past few years, a far more subtle but important revolution has been happening right under our noses. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become...

Machine Learning Workload and GPGPU NUMA Node Locality

In the previous article “PCIe Device NUMA Node Locality” I covered the physical connection between the processor and the PCIe device briefly touched upon machine learning workloads with regards...

Analysis Services / BI on the MS Stack

3 things Power BI admins should be aware of in Office 365

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Azure Databricks, Spark and Snowflake

Azure Databricks Performance Notes

(2020-Feb-04) I didn't name this blog post as "Pe...

Azure DevOps

Protect Your Prod Databases in Azure DevOps / TFS: Three Control Points

When implementing any kind of automation for database deployments, it’s important to implement safeguards for your production environment. This is needed even in the best conditions when team members...

Azure SQL Database

SDU Tools: Version 18 shipped and adds support for Azure SQL Database

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Big Data Cluster

Make sure you have your IP Scheme set before you deploy SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster

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Redgate SQL Monitor
Computing in the Cloud (Azure, Google, AWS)

Getting Started with Free AWS Offerings

While businesses have been adopting the cloud and ...

Conferences, Classes, Events, and Webinars

Introducing the Hybrid Model to SQL Source Control

Date and time: Thursday 20 February, 4-5pm GMT / 10-11am CST - Join Microsoft MVP Kendra Little and Redgate's Chris Unwin as they demo our new ‘hybrid model’ workflow! The model allows you to combine the state-based development experience with the customizable power of migrations-based deployments. Register your place to find out more.

2020 State of Database DevOps report: The key findings

The results are in! Join our expert panel, Kendra Little, Kellyn Pot’Vin Gorman and Grant Fritchey on Wednesday 12 February, 4-5pm GMT to dig into the key findings from Redgate’s fourth annual State of Database DevOps report and learn how to use these insights to drive improvements in your own software development process.


How PowerShell 7 Logging works in Linux

With PowerShell 7 being cross-platform, the questi...

Data Privacy, Compliance, and GDPR

What is the California Consumer Privacy Act and how will it affect your business? Part 4

In this series of articles about the CCPA, we’ve been talking about how the new privacy Act affects businesses in California (and businesses outside the state if they handle...

DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Redgate State of Database DevOps Webinar- February 10th!

Please join me, Kendra Little and Grant Fritchey on February 10th for an awesome webinar to discuss the results from the Tags:  DevOps, Webinar Facebook TweetThis Digg ...

ETL/SSIS/Azure Data Factory/Biml

Parameterizing a REST API Linked Service in Data Factory

We can now pass dynamic values to linked services at run time in Data Factory. This enables us to do things like connecting to different databases on the same... The...


2020 Vision: Game-Changing Data Storage Trends for the Year Ahead

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Performance Tuning SQL Server

Profiler: Time To Go

I’ve decided that, in fact, it is time to start moving people off the ancient technology, Profiler. Before, I always said, stay where you’re comfortable. However, keeping people comfortable... The...


This article explains the behavior of LASTNONBLANK, LASTNONBLANKVALUE, and similar DAX functions, also providing patterns for performance optimization. The DAX language can operate on aggregated values and on individual...

Are Changes to Query Store Logged?

The Query Store feature is a bit unique in that its status can change without user interference, which means it is important to understand how changes to Query Store...

Performance Tuning with Computed Columns

Computed Column can be utilized to optimize the query performance. It can be leveraged, to make the query sargeable, to make proper use of available indexes. In this article,... The...

SQL SERVER – Row Goal and Performance

During the recent consulting engagement of SQL Server 2017/2019, my client asked me if I can help them enable the new feature of Row Goal. First appeared on SQL SERVER –...

Signs Your Execution Plan Is Lying To You: Row Goals

Bring The Goalies In


Remove Duplicates and Keep the Last Record with Power Query

Today I was helping a customer with a problem that seemed quite simple on the surface.  She had a data table containing historical customer sales orders (each customer has...

Professional Development

SQL Homework – February 2020 – Write a blog post.

Following along with last month’s documentation homework this month I want you to write a blog post. But Ken, what ... Continue reading The post SQL Homework – February 2020...

What Your Business Can Learn from Iowa’s Epic App Failure

eWEEK NEWS ANALYSIS: In a week filled with major political news, you’d hardly expect that the failure of a mobile app would be a top story, but that was...

SQL Server News

Detecting Locked or Expired Logins

SQL Server logins can be configured to use password policies enforced by Windows. These policies include determining when passwords expire, how many invalid passwords can be entered before lock-out,...

SQL Server Identity Skipping

SQL Server may skip 1000 numbers on an Identity column if the server crashes. Here’s why: Too long, didn’t watch version: SQL Caches 1000 numbers at a time to...


Demystifying STUFF() function

This article will talk about myth with Stuff() fun...

SQL Server Alert System: ‘ERROR 824’

Part of good server monitoring it to have alerts enabled for a number of different errors to know when things go bad. The problem is we were getting the...

Tech News

Technology glitches prevent same-night release of Iowa caucus results

"This is not a hack or an intrusion," a party offi...

Virtualization and Containers/Kubernetes

I’m a DBA. Do I really need to know Kubernetes?

Welcome to February 2020. It’s the second month of the year 2020! I remember sitting at a server with SQL Server 6.5 installed on it, worrying about the Y2K... The...

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