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Learning from Exercise

A long time ago I decided to run every day. I did for a bit, in fact, I had a neat milestone along the way and continued on for 1564 days. That was quite a time period in my life, and one that I look back fondly upon. I've aged a bit, and while I could do it again, I also have decided there are other things that matter more to me, so I have moved on in life.  I learned a lot from that time, lessons about myself and life that continue to help me today. Some of them even apply to work and my career, little nuggets of wisdom that help me find ways to find success in my life.

Apart from some better fitness, one of the main benefits for me was the sense of accomplishment. I had no bad days where I would think I wished I had run. None. That seems obvious, but it also provided me some comfort that I had moved things forward in my life. I took that lesson back to work, where I sometimes have bad days. I have days where nothing goes right, or I have people that take over my day and schedule.

I also know there are a number of things that I need to do at work, which aren't that important, or even aren't that critical, but they provide a measure of satisfaction that I've moved things forward. These days that is often getting things scheduled for the newsletter. In the past it might be doing a little space extrapolation (though I'd just look at this in SQL Monitor today). Low value items, but I get some accomplishment in the midst of otherwise stressful times.

The other thing that came from the running streak was the feeling of getting away from other parts of my life. Whether with family or work, I might be overwhelmed or stressed or otherwise out of sorts in my day. Taking 20-30 minutes for myself was a way of resetting my day, and it was a welcome break. While exercise is my thing, and even today it's a priority around work, I've had other crutches that help me cope. I love to read, so taking 5 minutes to escape in a book every day is something that feels similar to exercise.

I know other friends that might play a short game, play with a pet. Having some other consistent, distracting activity is a good release when things are tough. No matter how busy we are, or what's broken, taking 5, 10, 15 minutes away can help refresh you and get you ready to go back into the trenches and deal with others.

I'm sure jobs exist that can't spare the time, but I've never had one. I haven't always realized it until later, but I wish someone had told me to take 10 minutes away in a crisis to reset myself and then come back. I know I'll remember that the next time I end up being stressed during an IT problem at work.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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ASCII Text Dump

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  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Computed Column Indexes

I have this definition for a computed column in my table:
ALTER TABLE dbo.Activities
ADD ProdOneCount AS CASE
                        WHEN ProductID = 1 THEN
I now want to run this code. What happens when I run this?
CREATE INDEX dbo.Activities_PRodOneCountThreshold
ON dbo.Activities (ProdOneCount)
WHERE CallCount > 50;

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  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

Finding Failed Logins

I have installed SQL Server 2017 and left the default security action for "Audit Failed Logins" in the instance security properties. Where can I view the failed logins?

Answer: In the SQL Server error log and the Windows application log

Explanation: The failed logins are shown in the SQL Server error log and in the Windows application log. You can view an entry in either log.

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Featured Script

Function and Queries to Convert Hierarchical Adjacency to Nested Json Rows

scdecade from SQLServerCentral

This script converts hierarchical adjacency into nested json rows which contain the recursive "downlines" of each node.  The table-valued function treats each row in the original adjacency as the root node in a recursive common table expression. 

/* 1) TABLE DDL */
/* 2) SAMPLE ROWS */

/* 1) TABLE DDL */
drop table if exists test_mycatalog;
create table test_mycatalog(
parent_id varchar(500),
document_name varchar(500),
data_id varchar(500));

/* 2) SAMPLE ROWS */
insert test_mycatalog(parent_id, document_name, data_id) values
('11','IT Policy','11-1'),
('11','IT Procedure','11-2'),
('11','IT Deployment','11-3'),
('22','Financial report','22-1'),
('22','Financial stmnts','22-2'),
('22','Financial Release','22-3'),
('22','Financial policy','22-4'),
('33','HR Process','33-2'),
('33','HR Process','33-3'),
('33','HR Process','33-4'),
('11-1','IT Network Policy','11-1A'),
('11-2','IT Database Policy','11-2A'),
('11-3','IT Deployment 11-3A','11-3A'),
('11-1A','IT N/W Policy configuration','11-1A_1'),
('11-2A','IT DB Maint Policy','11-2A_1');

drop table if exists #tm_hierarchies;
create table #tm_hierarchies(
data_id varchar(500) unique not null,
parent_id varchar(500),
document_name varchar(500),
h_level int not null);

recur_cte(data_id, parent_id, document_name, h_level) as (
parent_id is null
union all
test_mycatalog cat
recur_cte rc on cat.parent_id=rc.data_id)
insert #tm_hierarchies(data_id, parent_id, document_name, h_level)
select * from recur_cte;

drop function if exists dbo.downlines;
create function dbo.downlines(
@data_id varchar(500))
returns table as
with inner_recur_cte(data_id, parent_id, h_level) as(
select data_id, parent_id, cast(0 as int) from test_mycatalog where data_id=@data_id
union all
cat.data_id, cat.parent_id, rc.h_level+1
test_mycatalog cat
inner_recur_cte rc on cat.parent_id=rc.data_id)
sum(iif(h_level=1,1,0)) lvl_1_count,
sum(iif(h_level=2,1,0)) lvl_2_count,
sum(iif(h_level=3,1,0)) lvl_3_count,
sum(iif(h_level=4,1,0)) lvl_4_count,
sum(iif(h_level=5,1,0)) lvl_5_count,
count(*)-1 lvl_all_count,
(select * from inner_recur_cte for json path, root('downlines')) json_downlines

#tm_hierarchies tm
cross apply

with tm_downlines_cte as (
#tm_hierarchies th
cross apply
dl.data_id, dl.parent_id, dl.h_level, tm.document_name
tm_downlines_cte tdc
cross apply
openjson(tdc.json_downlines, N'strict $.downlines') with (data_id varchar(500), parent_id varchar(500), h_level int) dl
test_mycatalog tm on dl.data_id=tm.data_id
and dl.h_level='2';

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